Facebook Advertising – Is it worth the spend?

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We discuss Facebook advertising with a media agency owner


Episode #150 Has our meeting with Michael A. Giannulis. He recently moved a section of his business(an advertising agency) into Facebook marketing with the intention of finding people that have equity in their home and then offering to buy them out.

He shares his experience including specifics on marketing platform, how to generate leads and digital marketing.

He also gives us an overview of how he utilize digital marketing to help his business.

He strongly believes and suggests that the best way to generate good leads is through Facebook ads and direct mails. And the strategy that he advised to use is, to create a 30second video in Facebook and use the what is called LAL or “Lookalike Audience” which aim to get more views from the target audience, get the data from them and then with the clear call to action he will be able to make client and re-direct them to his website.

He actually discusses more on how much facebook discounting video views in competition to youtube which is really effective.

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