Facebook Messenger Bots for Real Estate Agents

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Messenger Bots

Using bots in messaging is about automatization. It is now a trend in technology and most messaging applications, such as Facebook Messenger, have these chatbots. Text messaging is still dominant. For phone calls, emails, and text messages, the conversion level of leads decreases over time. Messaging applications use bots to send responses to clients right away compared to traditional email. We can refer to them as autoresponders. These bots can be designed to send a series of messages and attach digital content such as PDF files.

Facebook Marketing

Using a bot could improve your response rate on Facebook messenger to a range of 60 to 80%. It depends on how you are going to integrate a Facebook advertising campaign instead of just sending them since Facebook has reasonable control over these conversations. You should check out different blog posts and webinars about how somebody leverages Facebook Messenger using a real estate bot.


Mobile Monkey offers excellent training content for Facebook Messenger bots and offers free versions of realtor-friendly conversation templates. These templates are already predesigned bot conversion funnels for you. One of the templates is intended for real estate agents and is available in the free version. There is a paid version which costs around $49, but you can get it for $19 a month for six months. If you are interested in trying it out, you can start with the free version.


The next established player in this business is ManyChat. A free version is available, but all the useful features are only in the paid version. You can send unlimited messages to a thousand subscribers for $15 a month. ManyChat is an ideal option for a real estate business. The difference in functionalities of these programs is quite hard to tell unless you have tried them out. MobileMonkey has a lot of training videos compared to ManyChat. You may also consider the interface and dashboard when choosing a bot.


The last one is Chatfuel. This messenger bot also has a free version. It is relatively cheaper than ManyChat since the pro version is only $15 a month. It is evident and straightforward that you can enjoy its pro version at a lower price compared to MobileMonkey at $49 per month. Most marketers already used these chatbots. There are differences in pricing, but Chatfuel seems to be the best for paid versions. For free products, there could be some restrictions. There are some tutorials available online on how to set up these bots such as FALCON.IO and LeadsBridge.

Bonus Content: Integrating Messenger Bots

You can integrate messenger bots to increase your audience organically. You may link it to the messenger and add your email signature and have a call to action on a blog post. You may also add a landing page that directs people into a messenger integrated into the campaign and have a viral piece of content, a meme, or a quiz to engage your audience. Linking it to the right person who is looking for a realtor can lead to quality leads.