Future of Real Estate Brokerages in 2019

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Real Estate Brokerages

This Mail-Right’s episode, Robert and Jonathan interview Jay Kinder CEO and co-founder of the National Association of Expert Advisors. Jay is part of one of the fastest-growing real estate brokers In the USA over the past 18 months. For this podcast, these three marketing experts discuss what the future of the traditional real estate brokerage. In the 127 Billion dollars real estate industry, where none of the notable brands manage the customer experience, they’ve carved out a niche by doing what Steve Jobs found to be true.

Together with his brokerage, Jay, they are taking their proven track records as successful mega agents and are doing what nobody else in the real estate industry has been willing to do: focusing on agent productivity.

Recruitment & Retention

One of the bigger challenges brokerages run up against is creating business structures and models that entice recruitment and retention of agents. For most cases, brokerage lack incorporating ownership into opportunities for agents. Or at least creating an avenue for revenue for agents outside the brokerage in the future. Without incentive opportunities, real estate agents will feel like they don’t have anything they’re working towards.

One solution to the most significant problems and challenges in the real estate industry is found in stocks. Stock options allow agents to earn capital as an incentive from reaching their targets or acquiring sales. The more that agents produce, the more stock awards would be given to them. Not only will brokerages expand their business, but they’ll be able to help their agents as well.


The cloud was the disruptive technology that allowed brokerages to ditch the traditional business models that require a lot of costs. With the virtual assistance provided by digital tools, agents can bring in more recruits with less cost and make more revenue.

Not only do virtual tools like Facebook workplace are cost-efficient, but they also allow you to connect to more prospective clients and agents quickly. Best practices for social media marketing include group communications and building through tools that are incredibly common but not necessarily real estate specific.

Value for Agents

Real estate agents today are looking for brokerages that offer training and technological support. Modern agents are tired of the traditional brokerage model of giving a lot of your commissions to the brokerage for very little return. With digital tools, agents are in control of the transaction in the business. With the competitive climate of real estate, the brokerage that serves agents the best is going to be the winner.

Customer Acquisition

Real estate agents have to learn how to acquire a customer through marketing if you want to have a sustainable and predictable business. Agents should utilize the technology in marketing and have a clear understanding of what their priorities are, what success looks like, and implement the technology-based upon those factors.

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