Geographic Farming for Real Estate Agents

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Geographic Farming

In a neighborhood, starting an interaction with your new neighbors is quite challenging. The problem is about the ways to engage with people from different walks of life. Everyone is a stranger to each other. inviting them over for a social event is a good way to get to know your neighbors. Friendly get-togethers provide the perfect chance to talk about products or services that you offer.

Building Personal Relationships

It is challenging to run a real estate business without marketing and advertising, but some people survived in the industry by just doing some traditional strategies. They engage with their clients at a personal level. Joining clubs and associations in the neighborhood could do the trick. They don’t talk about business as they interact since people are already aware that you are working in real estate. They are just building relationships and don’t turn it into a business conversation. That’s how they strategically stay in touch with their clients. This strategy does work but requires time to nurture relationships.

Geographic Farming and Relationships

At MasterGrabber, they have a process. It is a touch system where they create content specific to an agent to persuade homeowners to choose an agent over others. This content is sent to them as postcards attached to Facebook ads and various digital campaigns. This method gets the agent personally involved. Homeowners have to know why they should choose you as an agent. It all revolves around relationships which is essential in geographic farming. Applying this method increases the conversion rate of identified sellers from 10% to 90% or 100%. That’s the power of building relationships with geographic farming.

Self-serving versus Authentic

People might get the wrong idea about the difference between self-serving and authentic in terms of building relationships in real estate. Nurturing relationships with your future clients creates a bond. If you are sharing your expertise to help someone and that person avail your service in recognition, it is authentic. As discussed previously, most agents that apply this method don’t directly plug their services to the homeowners. Once it turns to be self-serving, they might lose that bond. They have to feel that you want to be engaged since authenticity is the key to generate to get these deals.

Building the Farm

In building a farm, you need to pick up or choose a group that you want to concentrate your focus. You must be able to resonate to them individually. There are many potential customers out there, but surely, they are not all your prospects. You might want to attract people who are like you. You will want to have something in common with them. These are vital because you are building authentic relationships with them. These genuine relationships will grow with your business. That’s why a touch system may help you to nurture and maintain these relationships.

Bonus Content: Building Trust

A real estate agent can be successful in generating more leads by creating a powerhouse team. Their business has working days from Monday to Thursday only. He applied the principle of what the crowd does usually doesn’t work and employs a different strategy into the business. After understanding marketing, he sent homemade postcards and emails to his clients. He has three assistants, a listing coordinator, a transaction coordinator, and an admin. He also manages all those listings with his staff. They have pretty good staff dynamics. If the employees can feel that their employees care for them, they could reciprocate it through the quality of their performance at work.