Link Building and Why it is important for your real estate website

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This time, we will talk about Link Building and why it is important to SEO world, Real Estate and Blog Posting.

We all know that Google does the search traffic and has the capability to always monitor and organize votes like backlinks.

What does Backlink mean and how is it important? Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage. It is important so that Google will let you rank to the first page. There are 2 types of backlinks or tools. The Active Rain and the DMCA backlink.  The ActiveRain is a Real Estate blogging platform that does allow for links to pass authority from their site to other websites while the DMCA backlink is for any type of service, not a just real estate. DMCA is a Content Protection Service that has a high domain authority and they are creating a certificate for the site to avoid people copy their content. For $100 a year you will get Content protection and most authoritative backlinks on SEO.

We will show you how it works and will be giving tips on how to make more backlinking to your site, by watching the video below.

Moreover, we will talk about Citation or Directories and we will help you create a Google Business Pages.  This two, are important in business and backlinking because the more Citation you have the more priority google will give to your page. And last but not the least, the reviews also make your business page rank. We also suggest you to upload videos on google business page because it helps.

We will show you a sample of the local and International directory, like White pages.

Watch this video: