Selling Real Estate During the Corona Virus Crisis

Episode Timeline

Our guest for this podcast episode is Peter Sisson, the co-founder of the company He specializes in designing, building, launching, growing, and monetizing great products, developing, and scaling organizations to support various companies to make them profitable. In this episode, we’ll be focusing on how real estate professionals can use the power of video to help them out with the changes in the Corona Virus outbreak.


So let’s talk about Peter’s app, Yaza. Yaza is an easy to use tool that allows you to record, store, and find shared HD videos that are integrated into a specific map location. The app incorporates the iOS app with cloud storage and artificial intelligence to provide this feature. Due to the highly social nature of a real estate transaction, realtors have found a lot of value in the video-sharing feature that the Yaza App offers. A lot of users in the real estate industry have used the app to showcase their listings by posting their video tours into the platform and sharing with potential clients.

Benefits of Using Yaza

Yaza ensures videos added to their platform are authentic by disallowing video uploads. Users can only post a video by capturing it live, which the app wile time stamp and tag to a specific location on the map. The mapping tool is accurate and provides users looking for videos instant access to the videos you’ve posted when they look over the city or neighborhood on the map. There’s also a wealth of communication features allowing people who view your video tour to contact you if they’re interested immediately.

Peter and that team have made videos posted on Yaza easy to share with your social media platforms as well as embed onto your website. The widget will include the map, the app information, the actual video, and your contact information. It’s relatively easy to use even for those not that good with technology and is an excellent way to get your listing on video and out to the public.

Video Tours

The most powerful way to use the Yaza App is by creating video tours that are geotagged to the actual property your selling. It provides realtors a new marketing tool to use in their sales cycle. This is especially effective when you’re at the point where you’re closing the deal, and the client just needs that extra push and motivation to close the deal. Another great way to use the tool is for property managers who are looking to market their property. With people changing their habits due to social distancing protocols, you want to make sure you have as many options possible for potential customers to see your listing. You don’t want to lose business just because people can’t view your property because of issues from the virus.