Social Media Marketing Tips from CEO of Creation Agency USA

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is reasonably challenging, especially for new business owners. For this Mail Right episode, Jack Kosakowski, CEO of Creation Agency, shares tips for active real estate marketing strategies for beginners. As the CEO of Creation Agency, Jack works with a global clientele working towards growing their sales from online lead-generation. Jack’s team in Creation Agency specializes in marketing services. They are experts in utilizing marketing automation in acquiring leads for their clients.

If you want to increase sales in real estate through social media marketing, this podcast is for you! Whether or not you are a beginner in digital marketing, Mail Right podcasts will teach you how to create compelling social media strategies for your real estate business. In their discussion Mail Right host Jonathan and Robert with guest host Jack talk about problems business owners have in social media marketing and solutions for these.

Get Client’s Attention

Real estate agents often have a hard time winning the attention of potential customers in social media. The problem most agents do not recognize is that they are using digital tools reactively rather than proactively. It is important to note that clients prefer doing business with companies or entrepreneurs that positively contribute to the community. This marketing method amplifies businesses better than hard-selling products or services.

Another way to appeal to real estate clients is becoming an expert in the industry. Build credibility by creating content that matters to your clients. For real estate, share tips and hacks in looking for a trusted real estate agent or owning the right properties. Using business on the back end ultimately drive sales conversation and conversion fast.

Leveraging Network

When building real estate business pages from scratch, one of the most challenging task to do is building your audience. You’ll want to introduce your business page to your personal page and vice versa. Your own Facebook feed is a gold mine for referrals, and as such, you should use this to your advantage. Simple engagements with your Facebook friends can start a conversation about your real estate business. Network on and off social media with as many business owners as possible. Introduce your personal or business page. They may not buy from you, but you might get a referral from them or two.

Targeted Ads

Once you have established a credible and engaging business page, it’s time to advance into ad targeting. First thing first, Twitter is not the right place to be in the first place. Other Social Media sites like LinkedIn or Facebook grants business owner’s ads features which they can utilize for leads, engagement, and following.

Run and retarget ads for people in your business area about properties that are on sale. Another feature Facebook offers is live videos. Real estate agents can utilize Facebook live during open houses, guaranteeing the audience a virtual tour of the properties. Include retargeting to drive engagement. In social media management, it’s important to remember that you should do something free first. This way, you can play around with features and identify which works best for you. Grow organically first before putting a little bit of money at a time for paid ads.