Why You Need To Develop A Digital Marketing Plan

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262 Mail-Right Show Why You Need To Develop A Digital Marketing Plan

Robert and Jonathan tackled the importance of having a digital marketing plan. Many are overwhelmed by the number of digital marketing platforms they can choose from and might get lost to direct their efforts. I made a point on which platform you should choose between Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, or even Tiktok as your marketing platform. The overall relevance of having a digital marketing plan is all about its tractability. It’s all about the ability for you to manage your success on the platform to predict your results and understand how much effort you need to put into the endeavor.


When used for marketing, Social Media Platforms offers a wealth of analytics when it comes to who’s watching your videos, how old are they, and so much more. They answer questions such as: What device are they watching these videos on? What time do they consume my content? Are they commenting or reacting? Does the content get them to go to my website? Are my videos converting viewers into leads? And so many other useful answers that a savvy marketer needs to be successful.

With all of this new data available to us as marketers, QUORA and TripAdvisor are the best data mining tools for analytical information. I would personally go towards marketing that is trackable regardless of whether it’s more successful or not because there’s more value in the money you spend if you understand how it failed you. Digital is a better way to go, not because it’s the best kind of marketing, but because it’s the most trackable. Having the ability to read and understand the data points of a digital sales funnel is probably one of the most important tools an online marketer has in their arsenal.

For example, whenever I put out content for my audience, I can actually see the number of people viewing the content. From there, I can see how many of them provide feedback, schedule an appointment, do a strategy call, and, if possible, become a client.


There are 9 essential steps to making your digital marketing plan.

1. Becoming an expert in your local market.
2. Understanding your client base.
3. Scoping out your competition.
4. Setting a budget.
5. Developing smart marketing goals.
6. Deciding on your marketing channels.
7. Filling in your marketing calendar.
8. Tracking your important metrics.
9. Tweaking your marketing strategies.

For comprehensive information about these steps, make sure to watch the video above.