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Ylopo is a combination of Facebook marketing, IDX search, AI chatbots, and integrated backend services, all designed to capture and nurture people interested in buying or selling real estate.

I think that Ylopo is excellent for tech-savvy agents or rising stars in years 2-4 of their real estate careers. This is also a good tool for small and mid-sized teams looking to harness the power of social marketing while grooming and training teams of newer real estate professionals.

Ylopo – Will This Real Estate Lead Generation System Work for You?

Ylopo delivers on its promise of real estate leads, delivering one of the lowest if not THE lowest cost of acquisition services in all of real estate marketing.

On a quality scale of 1 to 10, I personally would put these leads on average at a 3 with the case studies I was able to verify. These case studies say you will get one revenue-generating opportunity out of every 50-70 leads.

I’m sure these numbers could be better if you had a full ISA team or text concierge service (Like Raiya) added into the tools. We will discuss these common integrations. Most of the Agents and teams I chatted with did NOT have these additional services.

I had previously written they did NOT provide a branded search experience. They absolutely do.

If you would like to learn a little more about the different types of real estate websites, please check out my blog post discussing the top 10 real estate website companies and the TYPES of websites they make. That article might help you understand the content of this review a little better. I hope you find this helpful.

 Ylopo Video Review

Leadership/Company Summary


Ylopo located in Santa Monica Ca was founded in 2015 by Howard Tager and Juefeng Ge (referred from here on in as “Ge”). They met at a previous real estate marketing startup Tiger Leads where Howard was CEO and Co-Founder and Ge was Vice President of Marketing and product strategy. Tiger Leads was acquired by Move Inc in 2012 for 22 million. Move Inc then sold Tiger Leads a few years later to Commissions Inc.

Currently, Ylopo has a mix of in-office and remote employees with an estimated employee count of about 50.

Sean Purtill Vice President of Business Development and Aaron Franklin head of business development along with Ge directly participated in this review by providing access to the Ylopo platform, confirming certain marketing facts (like the cost of lead acquisition across all of their clients), and providing access to the Ylopo success community. This allowed for an unparalleled view of Ylopo not only as a service but as a company.


With their second company in the real estate marketing space, Ge and Howard have put together a “Dream Team”.

Not only of internal staff but of customers that they hire to support other customers. This strong “advocate” network along with really talented team members creates a hell of a sales force for Ylopo.

If there is a con it is Ge and Howard have surrounded themselves with a really technically proficient team that at times seems to struggle with simplifying the explanation and pricing of their services.

There are also standard complaints when it comes to running a rapidly growing technology company. Broken down it’s “hard to keep up” “working from home is tough” and the occasional these guys didn’t speak my language. Customers have similar commentary.

None of this is bad. Quite the contrary, I put it into the PRO category because THIS particular real estate marketing company has proven they will re-invest into their product line, their customers, and support.


Overall Ylopo has tremendous customer and employee feedback. Normally I would cite my research but Ylopo is JUST catching marketing momentum in the last couple of years. There is not a lot published in public forums like G2, Capterra, or Google reviews. So I have one source to list. My sources are the clients themselves of which I would guess there are well over a thousand in the Ylopo success community. Ylopo does not allow reviews on their Facebook profile so my input has been gotten by reviewing individual posts of actual clients. I did not ask for and thus did not receive permission from Ylopo to publish pictures or comments from this group.

Ylopo Glassdoor Reviews

How Does Ylopo Work?

Ylopo provides TWO websites as part of its website presence. One is a search site. The other a branded website.  What follows is an example of their BRANDED website. I am also including a few links for further examples should you want to review. You can click the image to go directly to the website example.

Ylopo Branded Website Example

Ylopo Branded Website Examples

  • https://craftbauer.com/
  • https://thembg.net/
  • https://www.plgestates.com/

Ylopos Home Search Site VS. The Branded Site

Ylopo Home Search Site VS. Branded Site

Ylopo Advertising 

They have a number of different ways to create compelling feature-rich advertisements. My favorite of these is “listing rocket” so that’s what I am going to be using as an example. They have access to the MLS which they have uploaded to Facebook. They take your MLS listing ID. Combine the images and text you input into the MLS as a Facebook ad. Here is a two-minute video from Barry Jenkins one of the Ylopo agent advocates I mentioned earlier. You’ll notice Ylopo has created A LOT of marketing collateral that is delivered during the prospect’s search experience. They are effectively trying to deliver the robust information dump a well-designed website would deliver within the Facebook framework. Ylopo has also gotten good at leveraging “audience type” which is the way Facebook targets and sells its advertising.

Ylopo A.I. (RAIYA)

Ylopo also has a proactive A.I. that texts your prospects. This is an add-on feature who’s objective is to keep a dialogue open with current and new prospects. I have heard much about it but I haven’t seen it in action (beyond the example video below. I have reservations about A.I. as I submit making them sound human is all but impossible. The Ylopo team has made a very good case for why there’s is the exception to that rule. I do not think Raiya would improve lead quality but it seems likely that if it works as advertised it would improve lead quantity.

Ylopo Graphic showing how Raiya works

Here is a link you can copy and paste https://www.ylopo.com/raiya-1  that has a two-minute explanation from Ge showing Raiya in action. He speaks fast and compares this to some other technology you might not be familiar with.

Once a lead is generated it is fed into a CRM integration. The example I will use here is Follow Up Boss. See Below.

Image shows leads from Ylopo in Follow Up Boss
A real client with first months leads from Ylopo highlighted

The CRM then nurtures the lead and if you are using the Ylopo system correctly you are calling the leads as well. All of these efforts should generate an ROI situation once every 50-70 inquiries without an ISA. With an ISA I have heard reports you can drop these numbers down to one ROI situation to one every 30-40 leads generated. I have not personally verified that and the clients I am using as examples do not have an ISA service or staff member.

Ylopo Pricing

SET UP $1000 – $1500

  • Squarespace IDX Website
  • Account set up
  • Tech Plus – $295  M/O
  • IDX
  • Access to the Ylopo Infrastructure
  • Integration with a CRM
  • Homebot
  • No Lead Gen

Starter Package –   $495 M/O This package includes $300 a month towards lead gen.  Add Ons

$100 for Raiya (Text AI) Per Level with a level being number of leads being worked.

$100 for remarketing Per Level   $100 for every 1000 contacts imported into Ylopo.

Closing thoughts on Ylopo

Ylopo is a best in class Facebook advertising system. I would use Ylopo instead of subscribing to Facebook marketing education because no matter how good you get it’s unlikely you will achieve the CPL (Cost per lead) that Ylopo already has. You can easily spend $1000’s on systems that do not have the results or track record that Ylopo has. Also, the incredible support through the Ylopo success group makes LEARNING this tool far more certain than others of it’s kind. It is STILL at its core generating leads that by definition are not as high on the INTENT funnel as other methods like SEO, Zillow, or YouTube marketing. So for veteran agents more concerned about time than the lead quantity they might want to look elsewhere.

For larger teams feeding a huge pool of agents, this is a GREAT addition, you can either use this as a tool to let agents develop calling and qualifying skills OR if you are dealing with veteran agents looking to provide a large stream of reasonable leads via hot transfer (like Zillow is supposed to be doing) you could add Five Street and Agent Assistance and essentially just be sending live calls to your top agents.

If this review did not address all of your questions about Ylopo you can fill out the contact form below and I would be happy to either refer you to the right Ylopo resource OR address these questions myself.

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