Bold Leads Review

Bold Leads Review
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What’s new at Bold Leads in 2020?

 In January of 2019, Danny and Christine SOLD bold leads to Property Base.  You can see the press release –> HERE. Check out the comment section before making a decision, as many people have been having poor experiences with Bold Leads recently.  My only additional commentary for 2020 is I have been watching lead generation percentages and quality slowly decline for almost all lead generation strategies as we enter year 12 of a real estate boom market. There ARE some Inbound Strategies that seem resistant to these declines and if you would like to learn about them you can schedule a call with me HERE <<-

Should you consider Bold Leads for your real estate lead generation?

This is a landmark moment for inboundREM. For the first time ever, instead of viewing a real estate company, I am reviewing a… real estate lead generation company! (It’s more exciting than it may sound, trust me.) How could you not be excited with a logo like this? Bold Leads was founded by mother-and-son team Christine and Danny Crane in Chandler, Arizona in 2014. It’s an incredible story that you can read about over here on the Bold Leads website. With a name, logo, and backstory like that, you might be shocked that you’ve never heard of them, but don’t worry–that puts you in the majority… and this review is going to tell you things that will change your entire way of doing business. I was in the dark about Bold Leads as well. My first encounter with them was through some of my clients and various industry friends. Their opinions about it were very unusual for a lead generation company–in fact, all of them loved it. They gave great reviews. Insanely good reviews. Glowing reviews. I had to know what it was all about, and now I’m here to share my research with you.  
Digital Marketing Funnel Inforgraphic
Typical funnel with bold lead driving traffic through ads
  Bold Leads is a marketing funnel, which is a term you may not be familiar with. A marketing funnel is a system whose sole purpose is to generate leads. It attracts a visitor, gets their information, and (if it’s doing its job right) helps you nurture a relationship with that visitor in order to obtain them as a client. Basically, it takes a low value sign-up and turns it into a high-value relationship. The way most marketing funnels, including Bold Leads, work is akin to fishing. First, the funnel goes out to its favorite pond (Facebook, in this example). Second, it purchases interesting smelling bait from the bait shop (sponsored ad content). Third, it throws the bait into the pond (Facebook stream). Fourth, it waits until one of the fish (Facebook users) takes a nibble (click on the ad). Fifth, they offer an exchange: I will give you this whole jar of bait if you just get on my hook (fill out this form on our landing page and our site will do something in exchange). Sixth, they cook and eat the fish. Kidding, kidding. There is definitely no eating of potential clients here! Let’s back up and get a bit more serious. When a potential client clicks on one of your Bold Leads sponsored Facebook ads, they get redirected to a landing page. Bold Leads’ own landing page looks like this: A landing page usually offers something like a free eBook detailing ways you can lose weight, eat healthier, sell more homes, fix your website’s SEO–something related to the product they’re actually selling. If a person is interested, they will fill out a basic information form and receive their item in exchange. It’s very simple and very common. Here is an example of a landing page YOUR clients would see.  
Bold Leads Landing Page Example
This is a typical example of a bold leads landing page.
  But this is where Bold Leads starts to separate itself from the pack. Instead of the information going into a basic database, it goes into a simple, highly functional Customer Reporting Management system. (For those of you who just stopped and wondered what a Customer Reporting Management system is, it’s a system that analyzes the data of the potential leads in it–including their interactions with you–and gives you information and strategies to help you better retain and interact with that potential lead. You can read far too much about them here.) If reading isn’t your thing you can WATCH my walkthrough and video review.

    When you get access to this system, you are given a list of leads with names, email addresses, and telephone numbers, and you are able to sort through them to prep them for the rest of the funnel. What the funnel does here is set up a series of automated contacts through email, voicemail, or text message for each lead. You can set the method, the time of day, how often they are contacted, and what content they receive. Bold Leads’ system is set-up to nurture a lead this way for two years. And when your leads respond, you get an email so you know exactly when and how it happened. There are other perks when using Bold Leads, of course. They have at least two dozen landing pages for you to choose from, so you’re distinguishable from other realtors. You can connect almost whatever CRM you’re currently using (assuming that you’re using one) to theirs and upload your leads from other sources. The training videos for their system are easy to understand and short, which is vital for a busy real estate agent. And, one of my favorite perks, they only sell a zip code to one person at a time. You’re not sharing your leads–they’re yours alone. To re-cap (and provide some new information):
Amazing CRMYES!
Easy-to-use Marketing ToolsDOUBLE YES!
Multiple Landing PagesOF COURSE!
Automated Emails, Texts, and VoicemailsDOESN’T EVERYONE?
Automated MarketSnapshot ReportsTELL ME ABOUT THAT MARKET!
Simple CRM IntegrationINDEED!
  How much does this cost? $299/year per zip code, plus whatever you want to spend on marketing. But, before you run off to purchase this service, remember: this is not a permanent solution to certain elements of the real estate marketing puzzle. You don’t own the landing page and you don’t own the system, you just own the leads that they’re generating. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just a thing to keep in mind as you grow your business. Ultimately, Bold Leads should be a cog in your marketing engine, no matter what you’re doing. You need something that will manage and nurture your leads into perpetuity and this system provides more value at a lower price point than most other options available to real estate agents.   

Interview with Christine and Danny the founders of Bold Leads. 

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  1. Sam

    Robert, it appears this product is $299/month rather than per year. Do you still see the same value here? My wife is a new agent and we are trying to determine to start here with this product or go for easy agent pro to start her digital marketing effort. I must thank you for all your work. I have learned more about digital marketing in the last couple weeks from your reviews than I had in the last many months from other sources.



    1. Robert Newman


      There must be a typo in my core article. Bold leads is definitely $299.00 per month per license. If you or your wife has inside sales experience(the ability to work leads in high volume and qualify rapidly) then yes I still stand by my recommendation.

    2. Kelcee Kimball

      Oh yeah! There real monthly value is $1400 a month or more! Really.

  2. Natalie

    I just started with bold leads two weeks ago and my ISA just set our first listing appointment who also wants to buy in the $550K range. We are so excited!!!

    1. Robert Newman


      That is an amazing result! I hope you’ll remember this thread and keep our readers updated on your progress.

  3. Maria

    I have a couple deals that just closed with leads I got from BoldLeads over the last 6 months. Highly recommend it for agents that know how to follow up with internet leads. I agree it’s an amazing CRM too!

    1. Robert Newman


      Thank you for sharing your experiences with Bold Leads. I know I find the additional data helpful and I am sure my readers do as well.

    2. Robert Newman


      Thank you for sharing your experiences with Bold Leads. I know I find the additional data helpful and I am sure my readers do as well.

  4. Gloria Garza

    I was talking to a bold leads agent that quoted me 599. A month that is out rages since I did advise I am a new agent that had a bad experience with 299. Sounds awhile lot better. How do I get started? I can’t afford the 599..

    1. Robert Newman


      The licensing fee for Bold Leads is $299 m/o but you would NEED some money for actual advertising so in the end you’ll need a minimum of $600 or more per month. I think you should wait to try Bold Leads (or any marketing for that matter) until you have a budget you can afford to invest.

  5. Shane

    I have 16 years real estate experience and I am in charge of a real estate firm. I am sorry I do not think Bold Leads is not a good marketing tool. I wasted $3,228.00 for a year in February 2018 on Bold Leads. There are much better options for real estate professionals.

    1. Robert Newman


      I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. What REM do you recommend?

    2. Paul Ellbogen

      What are a few of the best options you’d recommend?

      1. Robert Newman


        Me or Shane lol. I recommend bold leads or Ylopo.

        1. Jim Straughan

          Presently using Ylopo .Unfortunately.Day before I went live (which took way longer than promised) they told me I could not have seller leads in Canada,although I made it clear seller leads was a major reason for signing up.
          I have had one listing presentation that went well with Bold Leads,within a month.Nothing from Ylopo in 3 mnths except a seller lead who may buy in the spring (If I can sell her cottage that is on rental land i.e. needs cash buyer)
          Increasing number of leads opting out with the explanation of that they were just curious or no longer looking.
          I was told that if I want seller leads ,” just double down on those then you’ll naturally get the sellers”

          My biggest complaint with Ylopo is that I am paying $2000 a month for a product that may show results in another three months or may not. And I am not getting the advertised full product as discussed prior to signing up. iIn my market buyer leads are not that valuable as it’s a sellers market and the leads seem to be six months to a year out at the minimum, with many being over a year out.(I am very familiar with online leads having been in this business over 25 years and used multiple platforms)

          Ylopo may be a good product in the states, however they seem to have no interest in getting any programming done for the Canadian market. Which is fine, however they should not be selling their very expensive product into a market they have no interest\ real plan to service fully.
          I reached out to everyone in the company that I can and no one has responded with a timeline of when they are going to properly service Canada.Also no one would discuss a price reduction in the platform until it’s properly working in Canada. They OFFERED ME ONE FREE MONTH i.e. $200 for the AI. Which I found insulting ,that they would value my time so little!
          In my opinion Bold leads offers the same or better quality of lead at a much lower price per lead. They may not have the sophisticated AI bot, but let’s face it the AI Bot although really cool and showing promise is still over the long term an unproven strategy\investment.
          Support seems okay for Ylopo.Which is good as there is still plenty of work to do to optimize the search experience for the prospects for my market! I feel like a beta tester who is paying a lot for the privilege.
          Thus, I’m in an awkward position of hanging in or cutting my losses with Ylopo !

          Also branded Ylopo site is basic and not easy to work on for SEO

          1. Robert Newman


            Jim, dude I can’t thank you enough for leaving a HUGE detailed comment including some insights into Ylopo. I have a long history with the founders of Ylopo and I am slowly but surely working my way towards doing a review on their service and your comment here kinds gives some points to bring up and start researching. Also great counter points and comparision notes as it relates to bold leads. I agree with you on the AI that Ylopo integrated versus the rock solid funnel system bold leads has built. But to be fair I haven’t had the chance to really take a detailed look at the current Ylopo offer.

  6. Janice

    The thing I love about the seller leads with BoldLeads is that many of them are also buyers…more bang for the buck. We figured out how to work the sellers (over the long-term) and have had success with their system over the last 8 months. People upset with BoldLeads probably don’t know how to work internet leads… 😉

    1. Robert Newman


      You mentioned working the sellers leads over the long term. How long does it typically take you to close a sellers lead generated off bold leads?

  7. Charles Boney

    My wife agreed to pay for Bold Leads. It was an absolute scam and completely worthless. They generated zero results for her and I would like a refund for the thousands she shelled out for zero results.

    1. Robert Newman


      It’s always a terrible result when marketing dollars don’t pan out. I appreciate you leaving a comment here as I strive for an unbiased environment where comments can be read by people considering their services both good and bad.

  8. Jason

    BE AWARE! I had bold leads for over 6 months. It was a complete waste of money. More than 85% of the leads were not who they said they were. When you would look up the tax records most leads were not even the owners. 2 weeks before the 6 months was up the boldleads rep who signed me up, Phil, reached out to see how it was going and if I wanted to renew. I told him I did not want to renew. 2 weeks later I am charged $550 again. I have been trying for two weeks to cancel and be reimbursed. I have spoke with 4 different people and have been told there is only one person (Tyler) I can talk to that can cancel the account. His office times are a few days out and all in the afternoon which is not convenient at all if you are in real estate. I set a 30 min appointment and was not able to answer on his first two calls. I called back within 10 mins of the appointment starting and called over 10 times and never received an answer. I was then texted by Tyler saying he was on the phone with another client and he could not help me since I missed his call. I still had over 15 mins left in our time slot. What is the point of setting a 30 min appointment if you immediately move on. If a client is running a few minuets late to an appointment do you just leave? No…Very poor customer service.

    1. Robert Newman


      I’m sorry you had this experience. I love the detail of your comment and I’ve added this to my comments section in the hopes that other bold leads customers will have a chance to learn from and manage their expectations better.

  9. Heidi Keyvan

    This is a horrible company to deal with.
    Since September 2020 that I have signed up, I have not received any qualified leads. and any other services I called customer service a few times and they said they are not providing any qualified leads and help me with my business, I asked to cancel my account they asked me to pay off and pay for a year to cancel my account with them.
    I tried to follow up with the faked leads they sent me and ended up with people spamming my emails and blocking my number on their phones.
    Boldleads has blocked me on social media so I am not to be able to leave comments.
    I made a complaint with the BBB and the customer service reached out to remove the complaint from BBB and refund my money but they were unresponsive after I closed my complaint from BBB.
    I am filing with AG in TX and Arizona for DPTA

    1. Robert Newman


      This sounds terrible. I won’t block you. I suggest everyone using every service do their due diligence. Since Bold Leads sold themselves to property base 18 months ago I have been hearing increasingly disturbing reviews. I strongly believe that Bold Leads needs to do a better job at explaining the Low-Quality nature of most Facebook leads and the very general way they are capturing names and numbers. Facebook can no longer target by Age and a number of other factors as well which means realtors should carefully examine the services that leverage this platform. Thank you for the comment Heidi. We wish you luck in resolving your complaint.

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