Bold Leads Review

Bold Leads Review

Should you consider Bold Leads for your real estate lead generation?


This is a landmark moment for inboundREM. For the first time ever, instead of viewing a real estate company, I am reviewing a… real estate lead generation company! (It’s more exciting than it may sound, trust me.)

How could you not be excited with a logo like this?

Bold Leads was founded by mother-and-son team Christine and Danny Crane in Chandler, Arizona in 2014. It’s an incredible story that you can read about over here on the Bold Leads website. With a name, logo, and backstory like that, you might be shocked that you’ve never heard of them, but don’t worry–that puts you in the majority… and this review is going to tell you things that will change your entire way of doing business.

I was in the dark about Bold Leads as well. My first encounter with them was through some of my clients and various industry friends. Their opinions about it were very unusual for a lead generation company–in fact, all of them loved it. They gave great reviews. Insanely good reviews. Glowing reviews. I had to know what it was all about, and now I’m here to share my research with you.


Digital Marketing Funnel Inforgraphic

Typical funnel with bold lead driving traffic through ads

Bold Leads is a marketing funnel, which is a term you may not be familiar with. A marketing funnel is a system whose sole purpose is to generate leads. It attracts a visitor, gets their information, and (if it’s doing its job right) helps you nurture a relationship with that visitor in order to obtain them as a client. Basically, it takes a low value sign-up and turns it into a high-value relationship.

The way most marketing funnels, including Bold Leads, work is akin to fishing.

First, the funnel goes out to its favorite pond (Facebook, in this example).

Second, it purchases interesting smelling bait from the bait shop (sponsored ad content).

Third, it throws the bait into the pond (Facebook stream).

Fourth, it waits until one of the fish (Facebook users) takes a nibble (click on the ad).

Fifth, they offer an exchange: I will give you this whole jar of bait if you just get on my hook (fill out this form on our landing page and our site will do something in exchange).

Sixth, they cook and eat the fish.

Kidding, kidding. There is definitely no eating of potential clients here! Let’s back up and get a bit more serious.

When a potential client clicks on one of your Bold Leads sponsored Facebook ads, they get redirected to a landing page. Bold Leads’ own landing page looks like this:

A landing page usually offers something like a free eBook detailing ways you can lose weight, eat healthier, sell more homes, fix your website’s SEO–something related to the product they’re actually selling. If a person is interested, they will fill out a basic information form and receive their item in exchange. It’s very simple and very common. Here is an example of a landing page YOUR clients would see.


Bold Leads Landing Page Example

This is a typical example of a bold leads landing page.


But this is where Bold Leads starts to separate itself from the pack. Instead of the information going into a basic database, it goes into a simple, highly functional Customer Reporting Management system. (For those of you who just stopped and wondered what a Customer Reporting Management system is, it’s a system that analyzes the data of the potential leads in it–including their interactions with you–and gives you information and strategies to help you better retain and interact with that potential lead. You can read far too much about them here.) If reading isn’t your thing you can WATCH my walkthrough and video review.



When you get access to this system, you are given a list of leads with names, email addresses, and telephone numbers, and you are able to sort through them to prep them for the rest of the funnel. What the funnel does here is set up a series of automated contacts through email, voicemail, or text message for each lead. You can set the method, the time of day, how often they are contacted, and what content they receive. Bold Leads’ system is set-up to nurture a lead this way for two years. And when your leads respond, you get an email so you know exactly when and how it happened.

There are other perks when using Bold Leads, of course. They have at least two dozen landing pages for you to choose from, so you’re distinguishable from other realtors. You can connect almost whatever CRM you’re currently using (assuming that you’re using one) to theirs and upload your leads from other sources. The training videos for their system are easy to understand and short, which is vital for a busy real estate agent. And, one of my favorite perks, they only sell a zip code to one person at a time. You’re not sharing your leads–they’re yours alone.

To re-cap (and provide some new information):

Amazing CRM YES!
Easy-to-use Marketing Tools DOUBLE YES!
Multiple Landing Pages OF COURSE!
Automated Emails, Texts, and Voicemails DOESN’T EVERYONE?
Automated MarketSnapshot Reports TELL ME ABOUT THAT MARKET!
Simple CRM Integration INDEED!


How much does this cost? $299/year per zip code, plus whatever you want to spend on marketing. But, before you run off to purchase this service, remember: this is not a permanent solution to certain elements of the real estate marketing puzzle. You don’t own the landing page and you don’t own the system, you just own the leads that they’re generating. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just a thing to keep in mind as you grow your business. Ultimately, Bold Leads should be a cog in your marketing engine, no matter what you’re doing. You need something that will manage and nurture your leads into perpetuity and this system provides more value at a lower price point than most other options available to real estate agents. 


Interview with Christine and Danny the founders of Bold Leads. 

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38 thoughts on “Bold Leads Review

  1. Robert, it appears this product is $299/month rather than per year. Do you still see the same value here? My wife is a new agent and we are trying to determine to start here with this product or go for easy agent pro to start her digital marketing effort. I must thank you for all your work. I have learned more about digital marketing in the last couple weeks from your reviews than I had in the last many months from other sources.



    • Sam,

      There must be a typo in my core article. Bold leads is definitely $299.00 per month per license. If you or your wife has inside sales experience(the ability to work leads in high volume and qualify rapidly) then yes I still stand by my recommendation.

    • Avoid bold leads its a waste of money! I had one listing appointment working my leads in 6 months! Garbage and they don’t seem to care that you’re not getting results. They only want you money! Zbuyer , offers, and boomtown are all way better value for your money!

  2. I just started with bold leads two weeks ago and my ISA just set our first listing appointment who also wants to buy in the $550K range. We are so excited!!!

  3. I have a couple deals that just closed with leads I got from BoldLeads over the last 6 months. Highly recommend it for agents that know how to follow up with internet leads. I agree it’s an amazing CRM too!

  4. I was talking to a bold leads agent that quoted me 599. A month that is out rages since I did advise I am a new agent that had a bad experience with 299. Sounds awhile lot better. How do I get started? I can’t afford the 599..

    • Gloria,

      The licensing fee for Bold Leads is $299 m/o but you would NEED some money for actual advertising so in the end you’ll need a minimum of $600 or more per month. I think you should wait to try Bold Leads (or any marketing for that matter) until you have a budget you can afford to invest.

  5. I have 16 years real estate experience and I am in charge of a real estate firm. I am sorry I do not think Bold Leads is not a good marketing tool. I wasted $3,228.00 for a year in February 2018 on Bold Leads. There are much better options for real estate professionals.

  6. The thing I love about the seller leads with BoldLeads is that many of them are also buyers…more bang for the buck. We figured out how to work the sellers (over the long-term) and have had success with their system over the last 8 months. People upset with BoldLeads probably don’t know how to work internet leads… 😉

  7. My wife agreed to pay for Bold Leads. It was an absolute scam and completely worthless. They generated zero results for her and I would like a refund for the thousands she shelled out for zero results.

    • Charles,

      It’s always a terrible result when marketing dollars don’t pan out. I appreciate you leaving a comment here as I strive for an unbiased environment where comments can be read by people considering their services both good and bad.

  8. Avoid bold leads its a waste of money! I had one listing appointment working my leads in 6 months! Garbage and they don’t seem to care that you’re not getting results. They only want you money! Zbuyer , offers, and boomtown are all way better value for your money!

      • Hi did you find out if Zbuyer and Offers are better then bold leads. I am confused I see many comments some are bad and some good. I want to do it in northern CA any suggestions.

        • Mariam,

          ALL marketing companies deliver different results to different clients. I can’t comment with authority on Zbuyer or offers. I can tell you I still believe Bold Leads to be one of the better options for Real Estate lead generation and lead nurturing.

    • I wish I read this before. Boldleads is trash. Don’t waste your money. They literally do nothing you couldn’t do with a very basic Facebook campaign. They lock you into a 12 month contract that you have 3 days to back out of (bs). The only way out is to pay 50% of the contract… I’m finding every site with a review to make sure they know about this.

      • I approved the comment but have to say I disagree with the statement that the serv8ce is the same as a self run facebook campaign. Their lead funnel system is easier and more robust than most real estate nurturing services. Im sorry you had a poor experience and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on my blog.

        • Anyone who knows how to make a very basic landing page (programs for this cost about $50/mo MAX) can do the same campaigns they do is what I should’ve said. It’s not intuitive, but it’s not that hard.

          I’m also curious why your blog shows this as 5 stars when half the comments are negative. My team has had a ton of success from other lead generation sites, but the 3 day grace period they give was too short to realize the trash we’d bought.

          It sounds like the seller lead generation would be a useful feature, but it’s not available in any zips near me. I’ve had 5 leads come in so far (they count 12 because 1 person entered info 8 times even though they don’t respond to any other mode of communication) and so far none of them have been worthwhile leads.

          • Dylan in my experience the numbers on leads is about 1 in 30 to 1 in 50 are “Qualified” leads which is an accurate average for this particular type of lead generation in most medium to heavy competition market places. Thank you for sharing your experiences i hope you’ll check back in with another comment in 30 days or so.

          • How do you know seller leads is better? Should I invest in it? What does 3 day grace period mean is that after 6 months I thought it’s 6 months contract? Please reply.

          • Miriam,

            I don’t know what Dylan meant about sellers leads so I won’t speak to that part of your comment. I CAN comment on the 3 day grace period which is the amount of time Bold leads give you to “try” the program and then change your mind and cancel.

  9. I have been with BoldLeads for 3 months now. Sure, the funnels are great, but the lead quality and quantity is so bad I never get any value out of the funnels. I tried the seller leads the first month, and then buyers the next two months. I do way better with KvCore for less money. I am paying $579 a month and am in discussions of getting out of their 6 month contract. Horrible!!

    • Steve,

      I am sorry to hear that. If you’re doing direct marketing with Kvcore that just means you are using another landing page strategy but using Google Adwords instead of Facebook marketing to generate the traffic. If Bold Leads won’t agree to let you out of the agreement maybe check into moving your ad spend onto Google Adwords? Thanks for sharing your experience for the IREM users.

  10. Beware of using BoldLeads in Manhattan. I singed a contract to receive 25 leads a month in two different zip codes in Manhattan. During the first month I received 25 leads but all were either from upstate New York or out of state. BoldLeads agreed to refund my money (even put it in writing) but then never did so and continued to charge my credit card without my consent. My last few phone calls and emails to BoldLeads have gone unanswered. Now I’m dealing with AMEX to dispute the charges.

  11. Hi Robert, I’m an startup investor looking to scale my business with quality seller leads. I don’t have BoldLeads budget. What REM would you recommend? Do you provide REM services yourself?

  12. The bold lead platform is better than any other lead platform I have used. They truly want you to succeed and have been patient with my constant requests. The platform is easy to use and understand and helps to bring some organization and automation to my chaotic life! I currently receive around 40 buyer prospects every month. I prefer their search campaigns as I have worked with at least a dozen clients from those campaigns because they are more motivated. 5 stars all the way for me.

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