kvCORE | Kunversion Review – Pros and Cons from an Expert User

kvCORE | Kunversion Review – Pros and Cons from an Expert User
I hope you learn something from our in-depth 2020 kvCORE | Kunversion Review

How This kvCORE Review is Different

kvCORE / Kunversion is a real estate lead generation provider that integrates a simple website, CRM (customer relationship manager), and marketing management in a single platform.

There are other in-depth reviews of the platform by actual end-users. What makes THIS review unique is my video actually walking through the platform. It’s very detailed!

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In-Depth kvCORE Video Review


Designed by a team at Inside Real Estate, this system is popular mainly because of its pricing.


kvCORE | Kunversion Pricing

Single User: $299.00 m/o

K+ Team Subscription 2-5 agents: $499 m/o

kvCORE Enterprise 5+ agents: $1200 m/o

kvCORE | Kunversion is comparable to CINC, Boomtown, Follow Up Boss, Fire Point, and Hubspot.

Its single license subscription is $299/month, which is not only affordable, it’s the cheapest all-in-one platform in the market.

It is no wonder that this platform has a massive user base. Kunversion alone has 14,000 installs and kvCORE has an estimated 7000 installs.


kvCORE | Kunversion Website Examples

With kvCORE, you get a template website. While you’d have a few different templates to choose from, you would most probably end up having the same design as several other brokers out there given its large user base.

If you are with EXP Realty or another big broker, you would probably recognize their template designs, such as the ones below:

NC eXp Realty

kv Core Website Example North Carolina
Example of an EXP broker using kvCORE in North Carolina


Dunhill 100

South Florida kvCORE | Kunversion Website Example
South Florida Broker Website Example with Full Agent Roster


Engel Volkers

Engel Volker | kvCORE | Kunversion Website Example
This Denver Engel Volker kvCORE example has an optimized agent roster


Detailed Functionality List

I had access to a kvCORE | Kunversion single-user license. This list walks through each listed functionality with a pro or a con. For my detailed thoughts please review the video above. If you have additional information for my readers please list it in the comments section.



1. Launch Speed (Big Pro)

Website creation is extremely easy and fast because of the simplicity of the platform. But what I like about kvCORE is the speed of launch. You can get a site up within just a few days, which is a big pro.

Once the site is up, you can do some marketing into these pages and start seeing some low-quality leads within 7 days of buying the platform, making kvCORE one of the fastest to market options for real estate website companies.


2. Transactions (Big Pro)

Transaction tools such as Dotloop, Brokermint, SkySlope are integrated into the system. There is one feature here that is unique to Kunversion and kvCORE, making it one of my favorite features. Once you upload a transaction, you can find out where the lead was initiated.

In other words, you get birth to a post-production source. This is particularly useful in determining which marketing strategy is working best for you. That’s a massive pro.

In addition, the platform also allows you to track your transactions. You can track how they are funded and where they’re at. You get to update people automatically, update the client update, the lender, the agent, and so on.

The fact that the transactions are so cleanly added at the backend of the platform makes this a big pro for kvCORE. It’s one of the few systems that actually encloses all these useful functionalities in one place.

CINC has brokerage management tools, too, but these are not as user-friendly as kvCORE’s. Linus does, but they’re not really a website platform. BoomTown doesn’t provide this functionality.


3. Business Analytics 

All the relevant information about people using your site can be found here. That includes your total contacts, sphere, active leads, source performance, kvCORE activity, consumer interest, and agent performance.

When you get to this section, though, the page loads really slow. In terms of lead automation, the system is again at the bottom of the stack. If you’re clueless as to which part and what emails you use, the system does not provide the answer and there’s nothing set up for you.

Most other systems have at least a few templates for you to look at or they’ve set it up for you. Neither CINC nor kvCORE does it very well, but BoldLeads does it very well and LionDesk does okay.

Most of these systems require a lot of time, and it will be best for you to take some classes. So, despite its poor performance, you can use kvCORE for this particular reason. They provide a lot of online tutorials that guide you through the platform’s functionalities and help you understand how to get the best possible return.


4. Training Videos and Documentation 

One area where kvCORE scores very highly is their training videos. When you turn on the site, you get ten videos queued up that show you how to use the system.

In this regard, they’re much better than any other platform. You can pay for training, but they give you the option to learn yourself.

You can also find a lot of their videos on YouTube. With CINC, you have to pay for training. BoomTown wraps the charge for training in their overall cost, and Real Estate Webmasters doesn’t provide video tutorials at all.


Average Features

1. Listings 

Most of the features here are not much worse or much better than other platforms. You get filters, such as your listings, MLS listings, and agency filters.

You also get to see a few other data points like the last view and how much money you’d make if you sold the property you’re looking at. That may be convenient for a lot of you, but I’m not sure how I feel about that particular feature.

There is one great feature here, though, that is definitely a pro for kvCORE. The digital distribution allows you to email or text a particular listing.

I also like the general features, which show the assessment information, which is one of the main selling points of kvCORE. According to them, the information you see in this section is accurate, as it comes directly from your MLS.

Now, while they may say that they have a better system, this sales claim may not do you any good. The three main listings (Realtor.com, Trulia, and Zillow) still have a 10-20% error rate. Unless you educate your clients, they will not know that your system is more reliable than these three.

Most likely, they might just assume that everything is inaccurate unless you’ve done a pretty good job at pre-marketing to your prospects, which you can’t really do on KvCORE because you can’t install videos easily throughout the site.

You can make landing pages with a video, but not as intuitively as with WordPress. It’s not a comparative system, and you are stuck with the pre-given outlines, which are okay but not great. Overall, it’s best to say these features are merely average.


2. Lead Engine

Here you have the landing pages and IDX Squeeze pages. The latter is just another form of landing page where visitors are prompted to register with their email address, Facebook account, or Google account.

Those who choose not to register can only see one listing, which of course pushes potential leads to register. All of this functionality is in line with the price of the platform, which is to say it’s mediocre. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it 5.

However, this type of lead registration is the lowest possible quality lead you can get. With little to no information about the brokerage or search area, these prospects rarely respond to any additional messaging. That aspect of this feature is definitely a con.

The Landing Page is slightly easier to use than Real Geeks, but not as easy to use as other platforms, like BoomTown which builds your landing pages for you.

CINC has the ability to build a slightly more robust landing page. Real Estate Webmasters provide a much better landing page building system inside the back of their website, but it’s much more complicated.



1. SEO (Big Con)

SEO is non-existent. There is no organic means for Google to find your site. The platform captures leads either through social media advertising or PPC. There is no functionality that allows you to optimize your content for search engines.

SEO is crucial for real estate agents, especially since 44% of buyers search online for property listings during the initial stages of their journey towards finding their new home, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Almost half of homebuyers start their online search for properties directly, so it is important that your property listings are optimized for the bordering neighborhoods and other terms that indicate local relevance to Google.

Since there is no organic value in kvCORE, the only way for your site to generate traffic is through direct marketing. So essentially, you would have to continually invest in PPC (pay-per-click) or Facebook marketing to send visitors to these tools.

As a general rule, platforms that rely exclusively on direct marketing have relatively poor long-term ROI potential.


2. Website, IDX, CRM

The CRM for this platform is absolutely anemic. Service Areas lets you upload a bunch of pre-made pages onto the site. Given kvCORE’s massive user base, almost everybody in your area will be using the exact same widgets, with the exact same functionality, and your page will look exactly the same as the other sites.

While the template system may be convenient, having the same content as the other sites will most likely get you pinged by Google for duplicate content. That drives low-quality scores for both paid and organic traffic.

Users competing with entire teams in the same area all using kvCORE | Kunversion for paid advertising would be better served bundling budgets and dividing round-robin leads.


3. Marketing Autopilot 

This section includes drip campaigns and scheduling mass emails. In terms of robustness, kvCORE is at the bottom of the barrel. This particular feature is hard to use.

Plus, everything in this section requires a lot of clicks if you want to use any of these functions. Although there may be realtors out there who would find this feature useful, this is a con for me.


4. Marketplace 

There are some pretty cool add-ons here that enable you to improve your design, add phone numbers, testimonials, and implement advertising campaigns.

One of the coolest add-ons here is BrokerSumo, which allows you to bill agents through the system, along with other features, such as brokerage accounting, ACH, onboarding, and reporting. Compared to other platforms with add-ons, however, kvCORE is behind the curve.


Smart CRM – Some Pros, Some Cons

The Smart CRM includes alerts, lead management, and lead source. Alerts are where you can go to your dashboard to get new leads, new texts, new emails and calls, tasks, calendar, and my business.


What I do like a lot about kvCORE is that they are on top of their source game. A source is where your lead came from.

This type of information is very helpful for brokers who would want to track their leads from birth to ROI potential. The best platforms to choose for source information are Follow Up Boss and kvCORE. You can also get this kind of information from CINC and BoomTown, but it’s not integrated as nicely. So, this is a pro for kvCORE.


Another feature you’ll see in this section is mass email/text. But this platform does not allow you to send out emails or texts collectively. You have to do it page by page. You can do a few hundred at a time, but not all of them at a time.

So this feature can be a little tedious as you will probably be selecting the leads you want to contact one by one. I can’t say that this particular feature is a pro or a con, but it’s a bell or whistle that sounds great when they sell it to you.

You can also view the activity per property, including what people using your platform have done on the property, have they looked at it and if so, when. So you’re able to have all the important information you need to call, email, or text that particular lead. Are all of these good? Yes.

But they’re also kinda useless. Based on my experience over the last 12 years, very few real estate professionals have the time to use this feature and look at each of the properties.

One of the rare occasions you would use this feature is when you get an alert that a person within your sphere of influence is looking at a property.


The system is quite slow which can be very frustrating. Even the screen pops, being a cloud-based application, take around 10-30 seconds to load. So, if you’re trying to use this system to do high volume calls, I don’t think it’s possible.


Final Review of kvCORE | Kunversion

If you are a small broker or somebody just getting started with a limited budget and you need some of these functionalities, then kvCORE can provide a simple template website that’s quite fast.

Keep in mind, though, that kvCORE is second-rate at everything. If you’re looking for leads, BoldLeads is better. (However, their customer satisfaction has taken some hits since they changed ownership).

If you need a website, I think kvCORE would be my second choice because of the cost. They’re less expensive than everybody else by a good margin. But, as I’ve mentioned, you’re getting a website that looks like everybody else and all of its features are below par.

If you would like to see what OTHER real estate marketing companies offer, I have created a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED guide that compares the top 10 real estate website companies.


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