Placester User Reviews and Pricing

Placester User Reviews and Pricing
Placester is the Most Popular Real Estate website provider with 400,000 active real estate customers.

Learn about Placesters Real Estate Website’s from the real estate agents that use them.

This Placester Review has pricing, service details and pricing details. Placester is a Real Estate Technology company that sells wordpress real estate websites which include IDX and online marketing options. With over 400,000 customers one of every six real estate professionals in North America use their services. Partners Fredrick Townes and Matthew Barba founded Placester Inc. in Boston,MA in 2011.

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I gathered reviews from around the web focusing on Placester customers that are using the platform or were using it at the time they reviewed the service.

Average Rating Number Of Reviews Review Authority*
Active Rain 3.5 out of 5 6 reviewsGood - Real Estate Bloggers
Better Business Bureau 3 out of 5 6 reviewsPoor -BBB is rarely used to leave positive reviews
G2 Crowd 3.5 out of 5 6 reviewsVery Good - Detailed reviews from end users


Summary of Placester User Reviews 

I read through 20+ reviews including a top-ranked blog post that is advertising for Placester consultation. Here is what Real Estate Professionals say about Placester. Followed by my recommendation and personal review.

What Real Estate Professionals LIKE about Placester:

Ease of use. Placester removed much of WordPress’s native functionality leaving only the tools that Realtors had been using from 2012 -2016 when they simplified their platform. Lot’s of easy to follow “how to’s” on the Placester website. SEO friendly.


What Placester users do NOT like: 

Most user reviews felt Placester simplified too much in 2016. Sales methods. Placester prevents necessary functions unless you upgrade. Customer Service. In cases where problems occurred users repeatedly complained of poor response or no response.




“Moved my sites to Placester a few months ago, and though we did have one crazy week, it’s been a great move for me. I have moved all my sites over, and even added domains, and plan to add those to Placester very soon. Endorsed by NAR, and if you are a Realtor, you even get a discount on the service, which helps with your monthly expenses. Great looking sites, Wordpress based for functionality, and lots of “bells and whistles” that I like and use. At the same time, unlike Wordpress and having to use it for your sites, you won’t get bogged down like I was with updating all the time with new plug-ins, etc., and it will load much more quickly. Plus fully SEO friendly, and Responsive with indexing too! My sites are still works in progress, but check out my profile and take a look at a few of them! Let me know what you think? If you have any questions about my Placester experience before you get your site(s), feel free to text or call me. I am always available to help fellow Realtors.”

MikeThacker [ACTIVE RAIN]





What do you like best?

Don’t know yet…have not been able to make it functional for me yet…I’ve been having MAJOR issues with the Placester Support department. They area having a “technical issue” going on for almost two weeks not upgrading my account to genius level so it can be professionally modified….their support department, while very polite, have been completely ineffective in getting any movement on getting the issue resolved. Meanwhile, I have a couple of thousand dollars invested with a support company waited to do the modifications……

What do you dislike?

Polite…but ineffective support department

Anonymous [G2 Crowd]

How I determined the quality of the Placester reviews 

  • Active Rain – These reviews and reviewers are mostly Real Estate Agents or Brokers trying to keep each other informed on what is or is not working for them. The only motivation is information transfer. That makes Active Rain Reviews more honest and detailed. In the case of the six Placester reviews, three of the reviewers were commenting on the Keller Williams switch to the Placester platform and hadn’t yet used the website.
  • Better Business Bureau I view the BBB as white mail. The only time anyone thinks to contact them is if they have a problem. I would not usually include them as a reputable source of information. In this case, Placester responded to each complaint(6 in total). That’s why I included these reviews as part of my assessment. It was the only place I saw a direct response from Placester.
  • G2 Crowd Is a software rating service who’s mission is accurate and transparent software reviews. They gather reviews from social services put them all in one place and organize the review into a format. A real human takes a look at each submission to verify it’s an actual USER of the software.  G2 Crowds Placester Reviews had the same elements as reviews I found in other places with more details.

Placester Pricing

ESSENTIAL PREMIUMBrokerage upto 10 AgentsBrokerage upto 25 agentsNAR AGENT 
PRICE$150 Per Month$400 Per Month | $250 Activation$150 Per month | $200 Activation $300 Per Month | $300 Activvation$60 YEAR
Responsive IDX Website with SearchYESYESYES YESYES
Drip email marketingYESYESYES YESYES
Lead management systemYESYESYESYESYES
Advanced Website FeaturesYESYESYESYESNO
Advanced Account AssistanceYESYESYESYESNO
Monthly Content UpdatesYESYESYESYESNO
Lead Nuture ConfigurationYESYESYESYESNO
Website Reporting ConfigurationNONOYESYESNO
Quarterly Website RefreshNONOYESYESNO
Bulk IDX Approval (restrictions apply)NONOYESYESNO
Agent WebsitesNONO$3.75 Per Month Per Agent$3.75 Per Month Per AgentNO
Lead Source IntegrationNONOYESYESNO

Placester has five PUBLISHED pricing plans ranging from $5.00 per month to $400 per month. The Essential plan includes lead capture, IDX integration, and preferred customer service. The higher tiered plans include all features plus marketing and a customized lead generation function. The NAR version of this website is the same website with all lead generation locked up. If you want to see your leads, you have to upgrade.  See my VIDEO walkthrough of the actual Placester backend.


Inbound Real Estate Marketings Pro’s and Cons List

Easy to useYou don't own the website
Great Product for beginnersExtremely Basic functionality
Good Library of how to'sContent Production could be better
Professional appearing websitesNo long term value on investment
Excellent Open House Mobile App


Who should be using Placester?

Placester is an excellent solution for new agents and new brokers with less than two years of real estate experience. Full-time Agents and Brokers with two years of experience or more should be INVESTING in their future with a website solution that they own. The greatest online mistake most real estate professionals make is not owning their website. I haven’t started to add cost per lead into my reviews yet but Placester is not set up very well for lead capture or management so their cost per lead will be above average. The only long-term benefit of a Placester website will be for Placester.  They have accepted 53 million dollars in seed money. This guarantees the company will be going public at some point and the way they are increasing their user base makes me believe it will be sooner than later. Once public anyone can buy Placester.

For a DETAILED VISUAL ANALYSIS of an actual Placester website both frontend and backend –  Watch on.



  1. Robert Newman

    I’m testing my new blog post rating system. In a shameless display, I am giving my post five stars. Hopefully, you will agree.

  2. Darin

    Thanks for the review.

  3. Matt

    I did not have success with placester. First off their website was very limited and just like so many other companies promised the world but delivered a lot less. As for marketing, through placester, that didn’t work either. I am in Los Angeles and need leads in a 10 mile radius when they were giving me leads that were a 2 hour drive away. or 3 hours in traffic. They didn’t have any concern about my problems and could not deliver so another waste of money an time

    1. Robert Newman


      Sorry, brother. Thank you for sharing. Much appreciated.

    2. Lavina Samtani

      I had the same issue with them. They promised the moon but delivered nothing in comparison. After I signed up they disappeared and I had to call many times to find out what is the next step. They couldn’t even get my idx done for about 3 weeks . Ok, so they are not in control of the IDX but they could have worked with me on the website and the contents etc as I kept calling them. Finally I told them I was going to cancel and lo and behold they called me and apologized for their lack of respond. They begged me to give them another week to make amends and changes to what I wanted and they did a horrible job as they did not understand what we are looking for ( based on the promises they made with me during the sale process) They are definitely not a good listener. They promise but fall short on their promises. When I called them back 3 days later to confirm that I wanted to cancel, they said they would not cancel my contract. They than transferred me to their billing department. Boy was that gentleman rude? He threatened to ruin me and come after me for my contract. All they harped about was the contract I signed. They would not discuss that they dropped the ball by not helping me and also not providing what they promised. I have been nice for 2 months now without reporting them or writing about them. But I am now loosing my patience as they keep sending me bills. They even cheated by charging my bill twice a month after I cancelled. They are a horrible company. Agents BEWARE of such company. They are CHEATERS and unprofessional by threatening their agents if we cancel due to their non performance.

      1. Robert Newman


        Sharing your experience here will help inform other Realtors. Thank you.

      2. Carlos Rodriguez

        Wow. I knew I wasn’t the only one. I was locked in for 6 months (complex process) to set up the account for my office. I requested a cancellation via phon. They responded that I couldn’t cancel until I fulfilled my commitment, so I ate the bullet and committed the entire 6 months. Unfortunately, I found out that they still charged me for an additional 3 months. I had a very unpleasant conversation with an account manager who literally laughed at my face declining a refund for the extra charges. I am now disputing the charges as fraudulent. Is time for agents to come forward and report this type of behavior so others don’t fall into this trap. We have an obligation to protect our industry and stop this unfair behavior. I know more cases will be found.

        1. Robert Newman


          You arn’t the only one. The best defense is EXACTLY what you are doing. Sharing your experience on websites that realtors frequent. Thank you for taking the time to comment here. Much appreciated.

      3. Evelyn Perez

        I had a similar experience as Lavina back in 2015. I was considering them once again because I find a bit cheaper than others, but I don’t think I will be spending my money on them once again after reading these reviews.

        Thanks !

        1. Robert Newman


          It really doesn’t matter how cheap something is if all it does it cost you time and get 0 results. I appreciate you taking the time to give your feedback on Inboundrem!

    3. Tommie

      Totally feels like I’m getting the bait and switch routine. I feel like just a number on spreadsheet. My site looks nice but the functionality is not there. Search results not working properly. Cannot get anyone to return my calls at this point.
      The FaceBook Ads I am paying for through Placester are generic and repetitive, using the same photos and verbiage.

      I truly had high hopes for this transition to Placester. However, I not recommend at this time.

      1. Robert Newman


        Truly sorry to hear that. Hopefully, thier service team gets back to you and addresses the concerns you have. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  4. Lyn Sims

    I have Placester now for 3 years. My intent was to get a site up & running quickly & Placester did do that effectively. This last year has been horrendous as far as traffic which can be substantiated by Google Analytics. I have added 100+ custom searches for subdivisions in my area & none of the results will come up in less than 10-20 seconds. That is an ETERNITY in internet attention span. They have on many occasions tried to correct the problem & it comes & goes. My MLS is one of the largest in the country so I’m sure that it is compatible with their system. When I first started up with them there were no problems or I would have disappeared. Now, they no longer pay attention to the issue but they do collect my $$ in a timely fashion. My review here is to warn other users that their product might not be compatible with your MLS or something. It’s Wordpress based & I had no previous problems with another site that I had. This has been a complete disaster & waste of valuable time. I received a notice from Google that warned that my site was going to be un-indexed because of slow load time which I sent immediately to them. Crickets from them on the issue.

    1. Robert Newman


      Thank you for taking the time to leave the comment. This web review has slowly been gaining rank since I published it and each concurrent review gives the post a little more authority AND helps the subsequent readers get a clear picture of Placester as a service provider.

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  7. Gary

    Placester is terrible. I somehow got tied into a 12 month contract and couldn’t get them to cancel it after a trial. Close to the end of the 12 months I had several 50% off promotional emails from them along with another email about signing up for another year at full price. Sure enough, in the middle of these promo emails I got a bill for another year, which I didn’t see, and tried to cancel and was refused even though I told them I had never used their websites. Then I called and made an issue out of it and they offered me 50% of my subscription back. I then said that they must really need the money because of their poor attitude and “no cancellation policy” and so I joked about giving them the $54 back (which I haven’t seen yet) and they said they no, they would send me the $54. I think I’ll be surprised if I get the money back. I believe that this company will not be around very long with this attitude toward their customers.

    1. Robert Newman


      Thank you for sharing your experience. This post continues to gain placement for various searches related to Placester so you can be sure plenty of current and potential Placester clients will see it. As the owner of the blog and the company it represents I am very grateful, you took a moment to comment.

  8. Brooklyn

    I’ve had a negative experience with Placester. For five days, our website has basically been inoperable, and I can’t get their support team to fix. This completely overshadows any positive experiences I’ve had with them. Would not recommend.

    1. Robert Newman


      Did you purchase the website or was it provided to you by a larger organization like Keller Williams?

  9. Debi

    I would not use Placester again. I paid them several hundred dollars a month for a pretty skin and nothing else. When you clicked on the page tabs within the website they all said ‘page not found’ I have yet to reach customer service or receive a call back from a message left. If you are looking for a quality website with good customer service search elsewhere…..I wish there was a negative star for a rating

    1. Robert Newman


      I am sorry to hear about your experience. Each time a Real Estate technology vendor doesn’t provide a satisfactory experience it pulls the reputation of the entire industry down. I hope you reach someone at Placester and they fix your website to your satisfaction.

  10. wendy

    Thank you for all those real comments……very disappointed, next!

    1. Robert Newman


      Thank you for adding your input. I really appreciate it and I think other readers do as well.

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