Episode 387: Reviewing Agent Image and Luxury Presence for 2023

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For the 387th episode of Mail Right Show, Robert Newnann and Jonathan Denwood explore and review the two primary companies that make luxury real estate sites. For the past ten years, Robert Newman has worked in the real estate SEO industry as a CEO at Inbound REM, an inbound marketing firm. On the other hand, Jonathan Denwood is the founder and CEO of Mail Right, a platform that integrates multiple digital tools into a single, convenient, and user-friendly package. This episode dives into the difference between Agent Image and Luxury Presence and what are the pros and cons of each platform.

1. Agent Image

When discussing real estate websites in the luxury sector, it is impossible to overlook the two companies that pioneered this vertical. One of these notable companies is Agent Image. They are the first to see a market specifically for luxury websites. Agent Image has secured an impressive $30 million in venture capital investment, with considerable pressure. However, achieving rapid growth in the technical industry is a challenging feat. Agent Image had to develop a product that could effectively cater to the needs of 8,000 different agents nationwide, and they managed to do so organically. Their SEO could be better, but they are improving it, although currently, some ways they communicate to clients about transferring SEO values appear broken.

Agent Image can be a viable option if you are a new agent seeking to establish your website. However, it is essential to note that if you decide to utilize their SEO services, they have yet to have that, and you will probably not see the return on investment that you were hoping you would see. Furthermore, although Agent Image has a good website, the main drawback of Agent Image lies in its outdated website design, as well as its design and image language.

2. Luxury Presence

Another company that you can’t leave when talking about luxury space is Luxury Presence, founded by Malte. The website of Luxury Presence, in general, is much better looking with its excellent design, demos, and the way they are presented. Some products are worth checking out at Luxury Presence. Luxury Presence is a good option if your only concern is branding, and you need to assume 100% you will never do a transaction on the site. It is a place for listing agents to have a sexy site for low cost and for agents that are newer into the industry and just are trying to compete with all the big-name agents in their area that are luxury agents. This is one way for you to have at least something that, on the surface, does its job. After that, it will be your determination, drive, and ability to network and go to the places where these people have money and get your name out there another way and do the transaction another way. Your website is just a tool you send people to that you’ve managed to generate through other methods, but you want to look professional when they get there.

The owner of Luxury Presence is striving to establish a company that offers a free product, producing it on a large scale for $30 million, mirroring Placer’s approach and aiming to attract a wide user base. Placer failed at that, and it seems like Luxury Presence too. Several factors contribute to that, including the owner’s attempt to develop a mid-range product, their most successful offering so far, where they got a luxury presence, and they’re doing some marketing. Their most successful product is probably the one in that they have a third product, a hyper-luxury product, and they’re charging, for which they charge around $20,000 to $30,000 per website. This product serves as their flagship offering that garners the most attention. They have exceptionally constructed the Jade site and presented it distinctively. The owner also has a clear branding vision and received ample support in that aspect. But that’s a branding site. That is not a free catch-all site where you’re telling people you will get a result off it. That’s an entirely different product. Now, if you’re going with the higher tier of what age and image is offering, or you go with the higher, you might not get that for $5,000 from luxury presence. You’d be better off going the WordPress route with a designer like Mail-Right.