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Real Estate Lead Generation Websites| Easy Agent Pro V Real Geeks

Real Estate Lead Generation Websites: Easy Agent Pro Vs. Real Geeks



Real Estate lead generation websites are plentiful. Good ones that will actually generate leads are not. I am going to compare the two best options available to real estate agents and brokers.




Easy Agent Pro VS. Real Geeks | Which Real Estate Lead Generation Website is better?

CUSTOMER REVIEWS4.5 Stars 200+ reviews4 reviews 5 starsREAL GEEKS
$500- $169-$239 mo.EASY AGENT PRO


Real Geeks VS. Easy Agent Pro | Do you own the website?


Watch the video below and learn the pros and cons of purchasing a “lease to never own” real estate lead generation website.



R.G. VS. E.A.P | Which is better for content marketing?

Easy Agent Pro is better for content marketing.

Content marketing is sometimes referred to as SEO. The concept is simple. Create the most informative detailed page on a particular topic and then promote that page socially and Google will reward you with a FIRST PAGE placement that will drive internet traffic to your Real Estate Lead Generation website which will then turn 1-5% of those VISITORS into an email address and phone number that you can call (A Lead). Easy Agent Pro is the best Real Estate Website for Content marketing. 

I’ve done an in-depth video analysis of the content marketing features of Easy Agent Pro AND Real Geeks.


Real Geeks or Easy Agent Pro | Which website provider has better IDX? 

Real Geeks has better IDX.

IDX = Information Data Exchange. Your MLS licenses the property details data streams that you the realtor provide them. Third party technology companies format the data in a way they feel YOUR audience (the website visitor) will find most useful. Real Estate Lead Generation Websites focus on asking website visitors to REGISTER with the website. This registration is your lead. I do a 2:48 video on analyzing the EAP and RG IDX lead capture feature specifically.


Who has the best Real Estate Lead Generation Tutorials | RG or EAP? 

Easy Agent Pro has better real estate lead generation tutorials.

For direct advertising Real Geeks has their youtube channel which is essential watching for anyone generating real estate leads with Facebook advertising or Google Adwords.   Real Geeks YouTube Channel 

Geeks DOES have a blog but its true value is the framed videos which you can find on the channel I linked above.

Easy Agent Pro has a great blog AND a great youtube channel. The real estate lead generation tutorials are some of the best you will find. If I had one comment is much of their marketing advice is UNTESTED in the actual “Field”. This isn’t a bad thing. Easy Agent Pro took the time to take bleeding edge marketing practices and potentially translate that into real estate lead generation success.


Real Geeks VS Easy Agent Pro | Add-ons and Apps | Which website has better-enhanced features

Real Geeks has more and richer features. All of their add on’s will generate revenue in the right circumstances.

Real Geeks has THREE big UPSELLS that they refer to as features.  Facebook Ad’s Manager the Real Geeks email marketing tool called “drip system”

and the Seller lead valuation tool which gives you your home worth in exchange for contact info.  Each of these features is an ADDITIONAL $50.00 per month to activate. R.G. also has a built-in CRM that you can “round robin” lead distribution. If you have a real estate team then the Real Geeks Website is the best option.

Easy Agent Pro has SIXTEEN of what they call “apps”. Instead of a built-in CRM, they will EXPORT leads automatically to the following CRMS. This requires an extra tool but give the customer more options which I think is more valuable. 

Easy Agent Pro CRM Integrations

                              CRMS that integrate into Easy Agent Pro

Watch this TWENTY-minute video for a full comparison of Real Geeks features versus Easy Agent Pro Apps.  

 Website | Price Comparision

While Easy Agent Pro isn’t necessarily the best VALUE they are the best price.

Watch this two-minute video for a full review of Easy Agent Pro and Real Geeks pricing. The video includes the available upsells and those features cost.


R.G. : Seller Leads Widget

Easy Agent Pro does not have a Seller lead generation feature making the R.G. Seller Valuation Tool a clear winner. Follow this link to watch a 17-minute video about the Real Geeks Seller Leads Generation feature. 


Which Real Estate Lead Generation Website gets more leads from a direct advertising campaign?

Real Geeks. 

Real Geeks has lead distribution features built in that Easy agent pro does not. I did a 90-day case study using PPC to drive traffic to a real geeks website. Watch this 7-minute video for:

    • Conversion rates
    • Budget
    • Direct Advertising methodology


Who has better reviews?

Real Geeks. 

Real Geeks has 300 reviews on a multitude of platforms. They average a 4.5 out of 5-star rating.

Easy Agent Pro has SIX reviews on Yelp and A few on their own website. They are ALL 5 stars out of 5 stars.

To see the full reviews case study watch the four-minute video below.


  Which is a better Lead Generation Website?

Real Geeks.

This final 3-minute video summarizes three months of research and my final thoughts about both of these real estate website providers.






19 thoughts on “Real Estate Lead Generation Websites| Easy Agent Pro V Real Geeks

  1. great job Robert. I could have used this review in Feb when I was deciding which way to go. I ended up with Real Geeks and now I wish I would have gone with my own site. With that said, I have learned a lot so it hasn’t been a complete waste of money. You mentioned for teams that Real Geeks is the clear-cut winner between these two options. My question for you, in your opinion if you have a team would you recommend Real Geeks over owning your own WordPress site?

    • Troy,
      Thanks for taking the time to come back to Easy Agent Pro and Real Geeks comparison. Sorry, it came late 🙂

      Owning your own WordPress Real Estate Website is my TOP recommendation for teams or individual agents. Period.

  2. Great review. I’m not tech savey at all and listening to Real geeks interviews I hear them say things like after 20 hours playing with optimization I finally learned the way ect… I don’t want to become a computer geek I want to manage real leads and work them . If I’m paying for a system then I need a system that generates for me not one I have to spend 20-40 hours learning I’ll be out of business lol. From my understanding I can intigrate any CRM with agent pro which is lead capture. Real geeks value seems to come with only the extra google packag they say you need to spend 1300 to 1700 a month for it to make sense. I thought about agent pro mixed with a crm like zoho and buying some realitor . Com leads for immediate $$ Any thought to that ? I value your opinion after such a great article ?? Also Clickfunnel any thoughts ? Last but not least a mls integrated CRM I found zoho from pc 2017 magazine . I’m a single agent . Very high skill level for sales no experience with these computer sights would fit me best . I also one day would like to of course own sight but right now need fastest quickest way to generate $$ online combined with open houses and door knocking .

    • Eric,

      I would say the Real Geeks math is about $1200-$1500. You can see results with far less. Those are the numbers the guarantee some kind of result. Easy Agent Pro might work but your still looking at a $1000.00 per month spend to generate leads with a system that is not as proven as real geeks. I think you have two choices you can hire a guy like me and build your own website then spend that direct advertising money on w website you own and where you will receive the long-term value of building a relationship with your audience. OR You can skip the website and just use your budget on Trulia or Zillow. There is still a significant learning curve to get results on those platforms however you only have to manage an adspend and a single learning curve. I can be far more helpful in a one on one call. If this isn’t a detailed enough response set an appointment with me using the calendar on my home page.

  3. Hi Robert,

    Great review, very informative!

    I saw your reply to a prior comment- “Owning your own WordPress Real Estate Website is my TOP recommendation for teams or individual agents. Period.”- Do you have any past articles or advice on how I would go about creating my own site?

    Thank you for your time!

    • Kalli,

      I emailed you a link to an artcile on Active Rain. it’s not even close to my standards for a “how to” but it is an accurate case study on what it takes for me to create my wordpress real estate websites for my clients.

  4. I spend a lot on a local Lead Capture, I do not like my current crm. I receive about 20 leads a week out of these twenty, I am able to meet with about 8-10. Out of the 8-10 2 are ready to buy, the others will be buying within 6 months.

    I have a friend who uses Real Geeks and likes it. I am looking for easy, and effective. I have not heard of Pro agent.

    If you were to build something, How much?

    • Ted,

      I think you meant Easy Agent Pro instead of “Pro Agent”. IREMS services with prices is on my about page. Websites/SEO campaigns range from $600-$1500 mo and $0-10,000 for a website. Thank you for leaving me a comment! I really appreciate it.

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