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Agent Image Review | Website Examples

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From 2000-2020 Agent Image has produced three types of real estate websites. Custom websites, semi-custom websites and templated websites. For this review, I’ll be covering some of the services that Agent Image offers. I have an in-depth comparison posted on this website since Agent Image has made been our list of companies making the best real estate websites in 2017 and 2018. You can see that real estate website comparison by clicking the link below.

Top 10 companies that design real estate websites. 

DISCLOSER: I worked for Agent Image from 2007 through 2010.

 Primarily they have three website products. Custom websites that are not technically full custom websites that they market under the brand name “Imagine Studios”. Semi-Custom websites called the same. Agent Pro websites which is their brand name for templated websites.

For this post, I will be taking a more visual approach. I will be listing a screen capture of each website type.

Agent Pro – A template website built on Wordpress

Agent Pro’s range from $1500-$2100 

Template website = A pre-designed already structured website. The basic sitemap (menu options) are already in place. The client can add branding, add elements in pre-determined locations such as images on the home page, logos, disclaimers or brokerage required legalese. I’ve annotated the screenshot below highlighting some of the predetermined options and design elements.

(click on the image to see the live website)

Template Real Estate Website by Agent Image


Semi-Custom – A template website with a custom homepage.

Semi-Customs range from $2500-$3500

Semi-Custom Websites = A custom homepage and templated interior pages. The custom homepage comes with a set number of revisions and the interior pages can be customized with fonts and certain layout alterations. Branding and disclaimers can be added.


Agent Image Semi Custom Website
A custom map is the highlight of this semi-custom website
Semi Custom Website example by Agent Image
This semi-custom website has many custom features on the homepage but you can see the interior pages are templated


Agent Image – Imagine Studios Custom Homepage with customized Interior Pages

Imagine Studios Websites Range from $5000-$10,000

Imagine Studios Websites = Custom Home Page with a much more defined interior page layout. Multiple options for agent bios, property layouts, plus additional pages not available as Agent Image’s other website products. 

Agent Image Imagine Studios Homepage Example
This custom homepage highlights the menu options that lead to the customized interior pages


Agent Image Imagine Studios Custom Interior Page Example
This is a great example of an interior page built by Agent Image and Content produced by the client.






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