Real Estate Facebook Posts: Strategies, Examples, and Tips

Real Estate Facebook Posts
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This comprehensive guide will explore effective strategies, provide real-world examples, and offer actionable tips to create impactful real estate Facebook posts. 

By the end of this article, you’ll have a robust toolkit to enhance your social media presence and grow your real estate business.

Why Use Facebook for Real Estate Marketing?

Facebook’s extensive reach and advanced targeting capabilities make it a powerful tool for real estate marketing. Here are some key benefits:

1. Wide Reach

With over 3 billion users, Facebook allows you to reach a broad audience and target specific demographics relevant to your real estate niche.

2. Cost-Effective

I personally don’t recommend Facebook Ads for realtors. But a Facebook Business Page can be an effective marketing technique when used in conjunction with other lead generation strategies, like SEO content marketing. 

A Facebook Business Page is obviously free, except for your time. 

3. Visual Appeal

The platform’s visually-oriented nature allows you to showcase high-quality images and videos of your listings, capturing potential buyers’ attention.

4. Engagement and Interaction

Facebook provides a platform for direct communication with potential clients through comments, messages, and posts, fostering relationships and trust.

5. Targeted & Retargeted Advertising

If you do advertisments, Facebook’s advanced targeting capabilities enable you to reach potential homeowners and buyers based on location, interests, and demographics.

Key Strategies for Successful Real Estate Facebook Posts

To make the most of Facebook for real estate marketing, it’s essential to employ effective strategies. Here are some proven methods to enhance your social media presence:

1. Use High-Quality Visuals

High-quality photos and videos are crucial for attracting attention. Use professional photography and videography to showcase your listings’ best features.

2. Provide Hyperlocal Content

Sharing valuable information helps establish you as an expert and builds trust with your audience. 

I recommend creating hyperlocal content over “global” topics like tips for first-time homebuyers, especially if you’re pointing to blog content on your website.

In that case, check out 4 Real Estate Blogging Ideas To Dominate Your Market

3. Show Off Your Personality

Social media is a platform for connection. Show your unique personality and sense of humor to engage with your audience.

Check out this lighter real estate content:

4. Leverage Client Testimonials

Testimonials and success stories build credibility and trust. Share positive feedback from satisfied clients to showcase your expertise.

For example, post a photo of happy clients in front of their new home, with a testimonial about their experience working with you.

On a related note, ensure those testimonials appear on your Google Business Profile too. Check out 3 Powerful Google Review Hacks for Realtors to Rank #1.

5. Engage with Interactive Content

Quizzes, polls, and contests are excellent for increasing engagement and gathering insights from your audience.

6. Highlight Local Expertise

Position yourself as a local expert by sharing information about neighborhoods, local businesses, and community events.

For example, post a neighborhood guide highlighting the best restaurants, schools, and parks in your area.

Real Estate Facebook Post Ideas

To help you get started, here are detailed ideas for effective real estate Facebook posts:

1. New Listings and Video Walkthroughs

  • Idea: Showcase new listings with high-quality photos and video walkthroughs.
  • Example: “Check out this stunning 4-bedroom home in the heart of downtown! Join us for a virtual tour and explore all the beautiful features this property has to offer.”
  • Pro Tip: Use engaging commentary and highlight unique selling points to keep viewers hooked.

2. Market Updates

  • Idea: Share the latest real estate market stats and trends.
  • Example: “The local real estate market is heating up! Home prices have increased by 5% in the last quarter. Now is the perfect time to buy or sell.”
  • Pro Tip: Use eye-catching visuals like charts or infographics to present the data.

Check out Housing Market Report Videos: Scripts, Tips, and Examples for the best tips on video marketing.

3. Tips for Buyers and Sellers

  • Idea: Provide valuable tips and advice for buyers and sellers.
  • Example: “Thinking about selling your home? Here are 5 tips to increase your home’s value before listing it on the market.”
  • Pro Tip: Create infographics or Venn diagrams to simplify and visually present your tips.

4. Client Success Stories

  • Idea: Share stories of clients who successfully bought or sold a home with your help.
  • Example: “Congratulations to the Smith family on their new home! It was a pleasure helping you find the perfect place.”
  • Pro Tip: With their permission, tag your clients in the post to increase its reach.

5. Open House Announcements

  • Idea: Promote upcoming open house events.
  • Example: “Join us this Saturday for an open house at 123 Main Street. Come see this beautiful property in person!”
  • Pro Tip: Include appealing photos and all necessary details like date, time, and location.

Check out 11 Real Estate Open House Food and Snack Ideas (+ Recipes) for a great way to capture prospects at open houses. 

6. Neighborhood Guides

  • Idea: Highlight the best features of local neighborhoods.
  • Example: “Discover the charm of Maplewood! From top-rated schools to cozy cafes, here’s why this neighborhood is a great place to live.”
  • Pro Tip: Use stunning photos and insider tips to showcase the neighborhood’s appeal.

Check out Neighborhood Tour Video Scripts, Tips, and Strategies for video marketing tips.

7. Interior Inspirations and Trends

  • Idea: Share interior design ideas and home decor trends.
  • Example: “Looking to refresh your home decor? Check out these top 5 design trends for 2024!”
  • Pro Tip: Provide links to resources or products to help followers achieve the look.

8. Seasonal Celebrations

  • Idea: Post about holidays and seasonal events.
  • Example: “Happy Holidays! Wishing you all a season of joy and a wonderful new year.”
  • Pro Tip: Use festive images and holiday-related hashtags to boost engagement.

9. Educational Content

  • Idea: Share informative posts about the real estate process.
  • Example: “New to buying a home? Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process with ease.”
  • Pro Tip: Break the content into manageable sections and use clear headings to improve readability.

10. Inspirational Quotes

  • Idea: Post motivational quotes related to real estate and homeownership.
  • Example: “Home is where the heart is. – Pliny the Elder”
  • Pro Tip: Use minimalist designs with a quote, its source, and a relevant image.

Check out 50 Inspiring and Funny Real Estate Quotes for Agents for some ideas. 

11. Memes and Funny Content

  • Idea: Share humorous content to entertain your audience.
  • Example: “When your client says they want to see 10 more houses today… #RealtorLife”
  • Pro Tip: Keep the tone light and avoid controversial humor.

Check out 175 Funny, Relatable, and Spicy Real Estate Memes for lots of great memes you can use. 

12. Behind the Scenes/Day in the Life

  • Idea: Give a glimpse into your daily life as a real estate agent.
  • Example: “Follow me on a day in the life of a realtor! From client meetings to home showings, here’s what my typical day looks like.”
  • Pro Tip: Use a mix of photos and videos to keep the content dynamic.

13. Professional Milestones and Personal Stories

  • Idea: Share your professional achievements and personal journey.
  • Example: “Excited to announce that I’ve just sold my 100th home! Thank you to all my amazing clients for your trust and support.”
  • Pro Tip: Include a personal message to make the post more relatable.

14. Pet-Friendly Posts

  • Idea: Share photos of pets in homes or highlight pet-friendly properties.
  • Example: “Looking for a home that’s perfect for you and your furry friend? Check out these pet-friendly listings!”
  • Pro Tip: Encourage followers to share pictures of their pets in the comments.

15. Contests and Giveaways

  • Idea: Host contests or giveaways to boost engagement.
  • Example: “Enter our giveaway for a chance to win a $100 gift card to a local restaurant! Like this post, tag three friends, and follow our page to enter.”
  • Pro Tip: Clearly outline the rules and encourage followers to share the contest with their friends.

16. Real Estate Myths and Facts

  • Idea: Debunk common myths and share interesting facts about real estate.
  • Example: “Myth: You need a 20% down payment to buy a home. Fact: Many loans require as little as 3-5% down.”
  • Pro Tip: Use graphics to make the information more engaging and easier to understand.

Start with 50 Fun Real Estate Facts to Blow Your Hair Back for some interesting ideas.

17. Special Offers or Incentives

  • Idea: Highlight special promotions or exclusive deals.
  • Example: “For a limited time, we’re offering a free home staging consultation with every new listing! Contact us today to learn more.”
  • Pro Tip: Use bright colors and bold fonts to make the offer stand out.

18. Community Events and Service

  • Idea: Promote local events and share your community involvement.
  • Example: “Join us this weekend for the annual charity run in support of our local shelter. See you there!”
  • Pro Tip: Share photos from past events to showcase your community involvement.

Tips to Boost Engagement with Your Real Estate Facebook Posts

To maximize the impact of your Facebook posts, follow these tips.

1. Post Regularly

Consistency is key. Create a content calendar to plan and schedule your posts. Aim to post at least 3-5 times a week to keep your audience engaged.

2. Use Hashtags

Incorporate relevant hashtags to increase your posts’ visibility. Use a mix of popular and niche hashtags related to real estate and your local area.

Look over 121 Real Estate Hashtags and How To Use Them Best for the best Facebook hashtags. 

3. Engage with Your Audience

Respond to comments and messages promptly. Ask questions and encourage followers to share their thoughts and experiences.

4. Analyze Performance

Use Facebook Insights to track the performance of your posts. Adjust your strategy based on what works best for your audience.

5. Collaborate with Local Businesses

Partner with local businesses for mutual promotion.

Share posts about local businesses and ask them to do the same for you.

6. Don't Invest in Facebook Ads

They aren’t worth it in my opinion. You may be able to generate a high number of leads, but they will be 98% super low quality. 

That means a huge amount of nurturing worthless leads. The few leads with real potential still need to be worked extensively. 

For those of you who want to try them anyway, check out my Guide to Facebook Ads for Realtors. 

7. Utilize Stories and Live Videos

Take advantage of Facebook Stories and Live videos for more spontaneous and engaging content.

Use these features to showcase real-time events, open houses, and behind-the-scenes moments.


To summarize, here are the main takeaways for creating impactful real estate Facebook posts:

  1. Use High-Quality Visuals: Capture attention with professional photos and videos.
  2. Provide Educational Content: Share tips, guides, and market updates to build trust.
  3. Show Off Your Personality: Engage your audience with humor and behind-the-scenes content.
  4. Leverage Client Testimonials: Build credibility with positive feedback from clients.
  5. Engage with Interactive Content: Increase engagement with polls, quizzes, and contests.
  6. Highlight Local Expertise: Position yourself as a local expert with neighborhood guides and community posts.
  7. Stay Consistent and Analyze Performance: Regularly post and adjust your strategy based on performance insights.

By integrating these strategies into your social media plan, you’ll create a compelling and engaging Facebook presence that drives leads and enhances your real estate business.

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