Real Estate Marketing

Different Types of Real Estate Marketing

Let’s keep this simple. What do you need to know about real estate online marketing? Let’s start with the main types of marketing that you will hear about and get solicited for.

Real Estate Paid Advertising

The idea behind this kind of marketing is that you pay a vendor to advertise for you. Most of the time, the objective is to generate leads. Every now and again, a listing agent really just wants their name to appear high on Google search results because they want to assure their customers that their homes are getting exposure. Some examples of companies selling this kind of advertising within the real estate field are:

  • Trulia
  • Zillow
  • Boomtown

While there are definitely tips and tricks to actually get the best bang for your buck when using these vendors, the unspoken agreement is you pay them and they will send you a prospect. Here is a super quick example of why that isn’t usually true:

This is a result from my own neighborhood using Zillow. Who are you going to call? Richard, of course. Even though he is NOT a Van Nuys real estate specialist, he DOES have a ton of five star reviews. All three of those realtors paid the same amount to be on that page, but I would be surprised if the other two of them ever saw a return on their investment.

But this is a good example of paid real estate advertising.

SEO for Real Estate Agents

SEO (“Search Engine Optimization”) focuses on what is commonly referred to as organic placement. See the image below for an example of an organic search result versus paid search result:

You achieve this organic placement by doing the following:

  • Blogging and creating written content for your website.
  • Creating dialog (and making sure this includes your website address).
  • Social media campaigns (social media and SEO are effectively tied together).
  • On page changes and internal linking.
  • Site efficiency (fast load times, server location and more).
  • Optimizing images.
  • Youtube videos both on and off site.

Local Search Marketing for Real Estate Agents

In order to more effectively designate local versus national service providers, Google not only created a separate search results category but also made new methodology about how businesses get found in this category. Below is an example of a local search result . Please note the “push pins” and the fact that these results COME BEFORE the traditional organic results. However, they do not appear on most search results pages, as those tend to be populated by active and popular national service providers.

You achieve placement in this local results category by doing the following :

  • Getting listed in national directories like Google Places, Bing Places and Yahoo Local.
  • Getting listed on various high quality local business directories like Yelp, Manta, Merchant Circle, etc. from where Google fetch reviews.
  • Auditing as many authorities directories as possible– making sure your name, address and phone number are the same in all of them. (Duplicates or listings that don’t match typically mean you will not be placed in these search results.)
  • Making sure your address and phone number are on numerous pages of your website.
  • Having a lot of favorable reviews.
  • Being active on social media and engaging with your audience.
  • Good site usage metrics (how long do people stay on the website and how many pages do they visit).

Email Marketing

Keeping in touch with prospects and clients by email is even more important with a world that is “connected.” Email remains the most efficient way to reliably keep your name in front of customers and prospects alike. Here are a few good topics that always keep your clients attentive:

  • Pocket Listings
  • Unusual Amenities
  • Luxury Listings (doesn’t matter if they are not in the market– we ALL enjoy looking)
  • Unusual Photos of Homes (especially if they are not currently on MLS)
  • Video Walk-throughs


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