Follow Up Boss - Is this real estate CRM as good as they say it is

Follow Up Boss – Is this real estate CRM as good as they say it is?

I used Follow Up Boss | Here are the Pro’s and Con’s

Follow Up Boss is a stand-alone Real Estate CRM with automated follow up capabilities. Stand-alone means it comes without a website. It connects with websites, IDX systems, other lead generation platforms like BoomTown, CINC, Bold Leads, Ylopo, InboundREM, and 200+ additional integrations.


Follow Up Boss Lead generation CRM review

Is Follow Up Boss this amazing real estate CRM? (Credit for the photo goes to Motley Fool)


Follow Up Boss Review – Table Of Contents

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What is the Follow Up Boss CRM supposed to do?


Follow Up Boss Image Describing how it funnels real estate leads

Credit for this image goes to Follow Up Boss.


Follow Up Boss is supposed to manage leads and leads sources. It automates follow up using emails, texts, and a built-in dialer for phone follow-ups. It allows team management by tracking activity from not only a team member level but a lead source level. It tracks website activity and leads flow activity. It tracks call, email, and text activity from the individual and from the system’s own automation. It creates easy to read reports for all of these activities and creates exportable versions of these reports(or you can take screen captures as I did for this review)

What does the Follow Up Boss CRM look like after you log in?

Login Dashboard for Follow Up Boss

This is the Follow Up Boss Lead Flow Dashboard


Follow Up Boss Company and Leadership Information.

Follow Up Boss was founded in April 2011 by Dan Corkill and Tom Markow. Dan currently is the CEO and the team was being run remotely BEFORE Covid19. Reviewing Follow Up Boss is almost boring. On glass door on rating apps including G2 and others are ALL between 4.3 stars and 5 stars. The closest thing I could find to a complaint after 2 hours of looking was an employee wanted more help and a couple of customers complained about a price increase a couple of years ago when they released FOLLOW UP BOSS V.2. Incidentally, their website says they are hiring. And they lowered the price by $10.00 per user.

Don’t take my word for it here are some links to the review services I looked at.


Glassdoor 4.8 out of 5 stars

G2 4.3 out of 5 stars

Capterra 4.5 out of 5 stars


Follow Up Boss Features List and some HUGE CONS

Follow up boss themselves has such a complete features list I did not bother to produce one for this blog post. It would be redundant. This actually leads me to mention TWO of my heartfelt CONS about Follow Up Boss. They list too many features making the assumption you understand what they do. They do have demo videos available on their YouTube Channel and on their website but UNLIKE the ones in their CRM their external marketing/advertising learning is disorganized. If you are trying to learn about this system you literally have to book a demo and cross your fingers you get a SUPER knowledgable sales rep that might explain not WHAT the Follow-Up Boss CRM features are but how they will benefit you. I filled the gap with the video that I did that is an ADVANCED walkthrough and the written list in the next section of this blog post will explain WHAT the features do in a basic way.


Follow Up Boss Pricing (Some Pros AND Cons Here)

When they updated their core offering they raised their prices. Actually that’s simplifying.

Originally Follow Up Boss (2011-2013) was around $35 dollars a user. They did some upgrades and raised it to $50 per user (2015). Then they eliminated a pricing tier. Then they updated to version 2 (2017). Then they raised prices. Then they lowered them again. (2019) Here is where pricing currently is in May of 2020.

GROW $69 per user 1-5 users

PRO $499 from 5-10 users

PLATFORM $1000 15-30 users

Add on – Integrated Calling $39 per user included in some plans

They are still trying to find the perfect pricing policy obviously so I spent a little more time than usual offering my opinions on this element of their offering.

Just helping :P.

For 1-3 users this real estate CRM is the best value for money by a million miles. At the 3-10 users range, they are competitive on pricing. Better on features. Some CRM website combos are close enough in the price you might feel the need to do a lot of research. (I’ll save you the time Follow Up Boss is by far the better value) At the 15-30 user range, they are competing with Boomtown and CINC and KvCORE and they made the mistake of pricing their system almost 100% the same. They didn’t take into account that ALL three of these competitors tend to get ALOT less expensive as the teams get larger and the negotiated pricing can be as low as $15 dollars a seat. At a minimum, there should be the option above certain team sizes to negotiate to somewhere between $15-20 per user. That would lock Follow Up Boss in as the “defacto” CRM for teams of 100-1500 in EVERY market and that’s where these guys should be (Not KvCORE and CINC which currently dominate the large team landscape due to aggressively negotiated CRM contracts).

Follow Up Boss Features – The Pros and Cons

I’m going to save some time. The cons of follow up boss are all in their external marketing/learning and pricing policies for large teams. In terms of the product itself, every single feature set EXCEPT ONE is the best I have seen/reviewed.

** I cover this in my video in detail – While Follow-Up Boss has two-way integration that tracks website visits and listing visit details some website CRMS combos (BoomTown, Sierra Interactive, Real Estate Webmasters) show how many times a visitor has looked at the SAME property in a slightly cleaner way than Follow Up boss does. This means a proactive agent could look through the system and upon discovering some pattern recognition like many visits to the SAME property then manually send out a market report with a click of a button because that is exactly how the three companies I mentioned build their websites. 4500 calls to agents and brokers over 13 years and I can think of two that MIGHT use that feature.

Every other feature listed is a pro. Honestly, every other CRM out there that is focused on real estate LEAD GENERATION will be playing catch up to Follow Up Boss for the next few years. There are plenty of other categories like done for you follow up and transaction tracking that DO NOT fall into the same bucket as Follow Up Boss. I am CATEGORIZING functionality and focusing on the result not the detail. For that watch my video which steps you through every feature.


  • Lead Import – Worth mentioning because follow up boss has the most robust importing rules I have had the chance to review allowing the end-user (you) to create custom fields during the import process creating the greatest opportunity to keep all of your lead information intact.
  • Learning Follow Up Boss – They shine ever so much here. It took me 30-40 minutes to feel like I understood how to use the system and what it did. They have 1-3 minute learning videos INSIDE the system making it easier to use than my previous top-rated CRM Bold Leads. I spent 8-10 hours learning the same for Sierra Interactive, KvCORE, and even longer for CINC.
  • CRM – Track your leads activity on websites and lead generation portals. Track sales team contact efforts. Track your own sales efforts. A combined inbox so inbound communication does not get missed. Many more features. (See Video Review)
  • Team Management – Assign leads by source, track by source, round-robin, lead pools, and custom combos are all available for lead distribution. Can also include lenders as part of your “team” and easily filter assign and track sources for those that have “lender partners”.
  • Agent and Team Calling – You can make and record outbound calls from Follow up boss for an additional charge.
  • Email – Robust email templates. Mass emails. Integration with Bomb Bomb. Like ALL real estate CRMS, email can be done better with stand-alone providers. You can always ask me about this in the comments section of this blog post. Or wait until I do a blog post specifically aimed at email.
  • Text – You cannot currently mass text with Follow Up Boss. You can text as part of funnels, and in the customer record.
  • Funnels – Best in class. Follow Up Boss has a library of ready-made funnels complete with tasks reminding salespeople when to call. Some lead providers like Ylopo and InboundREM have custom made funnels that plug right into follow up boss because leads are NOT all created equally and should not be treated so.
  • Tracking – Everything is tracked. Emails, Lead Sources, Contact attempts, and much much more. Watch my video.
  • Training – Unlike CINC, KvCORE, Sierra Interactive, and almost every other robust system and the Pro and Platform levels of service training is included. As mentioned earlier when you really dig into it FUB is best even in pricing. But you have to DIG to figure that out.
  • Integrations – 200+ Every major and most minor reputable lead generators integrate with Follow Up Boss including InboundREM.


CRMS that ACTUALLY compare to Follow Up Boss

I was shocked looking at Capterra and other review platforms. They were comparing ZOHO, SalesForce and Five Street to Follow Up Boss. Which is laughable all the way around and one of the reasons I DO these interviews. You could blow 10 hours of your time before realizing these SAAS services collectively suck for the average real estate brokerage or are not even CRMS but actual services that do the follow up for you. Here are the actual comparisons. I’ve done reviews on 5 of the 6 and you can click on the names to see my end-user reviews for all of these website/crm combos.


The Follow Up Boss CRM was DESIGNED to allow agents and brokers who own their own websites to access the same “ALL INCLUSIVE” features that these other companies offer. Follow Up boss does a much much better job than any of the companies on this list for so many reasons I literally cannot write them all. That DOES NOT mean it is the hands-down choice for you. Agents and Teams all have very unique circumstances in terms of working leads. For teams of all sizes, CRM’s become ever-increasingly important. Larger brokerages that have in-house technology resources will spend months or even years selecting CRMS. I’ve never reviewed a standalone CRM because the options are endless which makes for long reviews that put the reader to sleep. I got excited about Follow Up Boss and if you’re reading this you are not asleep yet.

CRMS are a big topic and if you think I can help I am including a contact form on this blog post. Please fill THIS contact form out as I can see which pages readers fill out forms on. I’ll still need some additional info but at least I will know you started out researching follow up boss.



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