101 Real Estate Company Names (+40 Marketing Tips & Video)

Great Names For Real Estate Companies
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In this article, we provide a list of 101 real estate company names, divided into sections like creative, cool & catchy, positive, and luxury realty company names. Then we cover a checklist of essential marketing advice to consider when naming your real estate business.

On top of that, there are advanced branding tips and tricks for those wanting to go the extra mile. Next we give some direction for anyone considering changing their real estate name. Finally, we provide helpful resources and tools for anyone trying to craft the perfect realty company name.

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What Should I Name My Real Estate Company?

  • 0:00 Topic Introduction
  • 1:42 FAQ about Naming a Real Estate Company
  • 2:56 Does your Real Estate Name affect your Digital Branding?
  • 4:57 Should you change your Website Domain?
  • 9:14 Providing Content that matches what Google wants
  • 10:31 What’s the Perfect Starting Strategy?
  • 14:21 What’s the Best Domain Name?

How Important Is a Real Estate Company Name, Really?

Consider this. Studies show that 77% of people buy products based on the company or brand name. Even more eye-opening, 90% of those customers are more likely to buy things with brand names that evoke positive emotions.

When it comes to real estate business names or realty company names, the same trend applies. To a significant degree, the future of your realty business lies in your name choice. If you’re looking for creative business names for real estate or catchy realty company names, you’ve come to the perfect place.

101 Real Estate Company Names

Cool & Catchy Real Estate Company Names

Citylights Real EstateNest Scout RealtyMortgage Genies
Homesphere RealtorsStar Island RealtorsBanyon Tree Realty
Brick Lane RealtyCobblestone Realty PartnersPagoda Realty
Herringbone RealtyNova Real EstateThe Real Estate Corner
Fairmount PropertiesUrban Nest RealtyRed Carpet Real Estate
Genesis PropertiesRed Door RealtorsBungalow Realty
Sand and Sea RealtyTurnkey PropertiesThe Dwelling Group
Honey I’m Home PropertiesKey Property SolutionsHomestead Properties
The Real Estate AgencyThe Home GeniesEstate Owl Properties
Township PropertiesTop Stead RealtyNew Door Realty

Creative Real Estate Names

Porchlight PropertiesHomeRiver LLCLa Playa Properties
Broad Street RealtyLakeshore Real EstateOak & Stone Properties
Coastal Premier PropertiesCreative Property ManagementMarketplace Homes
Ascent Real Estate GroupAvenue West RealtorsBay Point Properties
Broadleaf HomesCapstone RealtyFull Spectrum Realty
Circle Point HomesAtlas Realty GroupBlack Oak Realty
Bottom Line Realty

Positive Realty Company Names

Carpe Diem RealtySweet Life Real EstatePicket Fence Realty
Home & Hearth RealtyGood Fortune RealtyGood Life Realtors
Dream Town RealtorsHome Sweet Home PropertiesThe Good Home Team
Upside Avenue RealtyEverhome RealtorsHeavenly Realty
Promised Land PropertiesFuture RealtyHome City Realtors
Forever Home RealtyNew Way Real EstateHeartland Real Estate
Modern Living Realty

Luxury Real Estate Business Names

Equitable Property GroupLandmark RealtyMagnolia Real Estate Group
Corsair Real EstateExcelsior Real EstateSterling Property Advisors
Echelon RealtyVantage Point PropertiesEmpire Properties
Prestige PropertiesFirst Class RealtyUrban Lending Solutions
Cornerstone EstatesVanguard PropertiesInfiniti Real Estate
Lifestyle International RealtyMonopoly Real EstateHigh Castle Properties
Investment RealtyArchstone Real EstateAsset Realty Group
Paragon Properties

Christian Real Estate Company Names

Triple Cross RealtyGenesis Real EstateGreen Pastures Realty
Blessed Real EstatePromised Land RealtyGood Hope Real Estate
Veritas Realty CompanyTree of Life Real EstateEden Realty
Trinity Realty

Real Estate Investing Company Names

Adobe Property AdvisorsAmerican Realty InvestorsAnchor Property Advisors
Ascent Realty InvestmentsAtlas Property GroupBay Point Properties
Black Oak Homes LLCGold Realty PropertiesBlue Shore Properties
Blue Slate Realty InvestmentsBold Property AdvisorsBottom Line Realty
Capstone RealtyCardinal Property TrustCarpe Diem Realty Advisors
CenterPoint Real EstateCitadel Partners Real EstateCoastal Property Investments
Cobblestone Real Estate GroupCommunity Realty PartnersContinental Real Estate Group
Corsair Realty InvestmentsDream Big Realty InvestmentsEchelon Real Estate Group
Eco Realty PartnersEconomy Residential Properties LLCEquinox Real Estate Group
Equitable Realty Group

Real Estate Investing Business

Everhome PropertiesExcelsior Property GroupExcell Real Estate Advisors
Fairhope Property GroupFinders Group Realty NYCFive Doors Real Estate Group
Five Star RealtyFortune Realty InvestmentsForward Property Group
Found Real Estate AdvisorsFull Spectrum Realty InvestmentsFuture Realty Group
Genius Real Estate AdvisorsGolden Meadows PropertiesGood Fortune Properties
Granite Realty AdvisorsHaven Group Real EstateHeartland Realty Advisors
Heavenly Real Estate GroupHeritage RealtyHerringbone Property Investments
Highrise Investment GroupHome & Hearth Real EstateHome City Properties
HomeRiver LLC

Real Estate Advisors and Services

HomeStartJasper Property AdvisorsKeystone Real Estate Group
Key RealtyLa Playa PropertiesLakeshore Properties Group
Landmark Realty AdvisorsLark PropertiesLevel Real Estate Services
Lighthouse Real Estate PartnersMagnolia Real Estate ServicesMarket Realty Advisors
Marketplace PropertiesMetro Realty GroupNew Way Realty
Nova Group Real Estate InvestmentOak & Stone Residential InvestmentsOlive Tree Real Estate Group
Orchard Street RealtyOxford Realty InvestmentsPagoda Real Estate Group
Peak Realty GroupPicket Fence InvestmentsPinnacle Realty Group
Platinum Real Estate InvestmentsPorchlight Homes LLCPrivet Property Advisors
Royal Lake PropertiesSequoia Real Estate InvestmentsShipwright Property Group
Sovereign Real Estate GroupSterling Property AdvisorsSummit Real Estate Advisors
Sunstone Real Estate GroupSweet Life Homes LLCUptown Investment Group
Zenith Real Estate Group

There you have it! We’ve covered cool and catchy real estate company names, luxury real estate business names, creative and positive brokerage names, Christian real estate company names, real estate investing company names, and names for real estate advisors and services. 

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Real Estate Company Names – Advice, Tips & Tricks

Essential Marketing Tips

In this section, we provide a checklist of the most important advice, tips, and tricks for landing on the perfect real estate company names. If you check all these boxes, you can be sure that you’ve created a good realty company name. It should stand the test of time, lend itself to excellent digital marketing, and generate more clients.

1. Domain Names

Perhaps the most important consideration is the relationship between your real estate company name and the domain name. (A domain name is the web address. For example, our domain name is inboundrem.com). There are many angles to consider:

  • Does your real estate team name translate well to a domain name? In other words, does your company name remain readable and memorable when you press it into one word?
  • Is your desired domain name available? As mentioned in the video, it can be a decent strategy to have a domain name that’s different from your company name. But the best route is probably to use identical names.
  • Are there similar domain names already in existence? You don’t want customers to mistake you with anyone else. Google your potential company names and make sure there’s no room for confusion. Also use resources like Namechk, Go DaddyRegister.com and DomainRegistry.com.

2. Original

  • Be sure you can trademark your company name. Don’t waste your time designing logos if you haven’t checked on the name’s availability. Use USPTO.gov or Trademarkia.com while brainstorming a catchy real estate name. 
  • Enter your realty company name on Google AdWords. The program Google Ads allows you to search for similar keyword phrases. It will report the number of monthly searches for related keywords, both nationally and worldwide. You can also use sites like Ahrefs.
a professional looks up marketing tips for naming a realty business

3. Informative

  • Your name should explain your niche clearly. Do you deal with residential or commercial real estate? Which geographical region do you service?
  • It should have the right connotation. If you deal primarily with luxury villas, your company name should use language that demonstrates that. Bobby’s Classy Homes is a far cry from Dumas Luxury Realty. The personality and values of your company should be clear from your name.

4. Memorable

  • Make it short and sweet. Think REMAX. Century 21. Coldwell Banker. 1-2 words are the sweet spot for general brand names. However, good real estate company names can veer into the 3-word and occasionally even 4-word range. But there should be a strong reason for a 4-word name.
  • Create a strong visual aspect. Blue Pine Realty or Black Mountain Realty is more vibrant than Alpine Real Estate Company.
  • Make the company name euphonic. In other words, it should sound good when spoken aloud. Melodic names are more memorable, even if the person never actually says it aloud. Take a note from the Blue Pine Realty example. Consider the rhythm of the syllables. Do you feel how it’s pleasing for the tongue to pronounce? A winning real estate company name will benefit from a euphonic meter. Use this for a test: how will your company name sound when pronounced on the radio?
  • Make it catchy. One way to do this is to use alliteration. Chuck E. Cheese. Bed, Bath and Beyond. Assets America is a good example of an alliterative name that also incorporates geography. But there are plenty of other ways. Consider compound words like Facebook. You can use portmanteaus like Groupon. 

5. Simple

  • Keep it simple. It’s hard to overstate the importance of a simple name. Yes, this means keeping to the 2-3 word rule. But it also means using simple language. Ironically enough, a 10-dollar word will carry less currency with your market than a 2-dollar word. Glass River Realty flows much better than Riparian Real Estate.
  • Avoid “webby” names. Maybe this advice applies more to those with a real estate blog than a realtor, but the quest to find an internet-chic name is a fool’s errand. If it weren’t for the autofill function, I would never remember whether Flickr is spelled with an “e”. The same is true of using “4/for” and “2/to” and “you/u”. 

6. Scalable

  • Consider potential geographic growth. It can be wise to include your particular geographic region into your company name. But it can also mean shooting yourself in the foot if you expand beyond that geography. Consider a company name like Assets America. On one hand, they didn’t limit their real estate brokerage to a specific region. On the other hand, they didn’t overextend themselves as a startup with words like “worldwide” or “international” before it was appropriate.
  • Consider general business growth. Don’t name your company Alpine Cabin Realty if you want to move beyond selling properties in the mountainsreal estate company names or properties that aren’t log cabins. However, if you’re absolutely certain that you’ll never move beyond that niche, it can be wise to signal your expertise and specialization to clients.

7. Personal

  • Ensure you love your realty company name. Ideally you’ll use only one name for the life of the company. It’s important that you truly enjoy your choice. Consider this: you’ve been in business for three decades. You’ve answered the question, “What do you do?” a million times. Find a name that you’re still going to be excited and proud to say to potential clients even after you’ve said it again and again. If it still brings a smile to your face after all that time, you can trust it will do the same to potential clients. That certainly won’t hurt word-of-mouth.


Scroll past the infographic for advanced marketing tips for finding the perfect real estate company name!

real estate infographic about realty business company names

Advanced Branding Advice

  • Real estate company names should translate well to social media handles. This is similar to the domain name issue, but it’s also another reason to keep it short and sweet.
  • If the name will get naturally shortened by customers, then the shortened name should be acceptable.
  • Any acronyms should also be acceptable.
  • Consider avoiding initials. In short, it’s a missed opportunity and signals tradition in a business world that generally prefers innovation.
  • Find the middle ground between familiar and distinctive. It’s smart to use language and concepts that are familiar to the general public. It also makes your name easier to memorize. However if you go too basic, then you become bland. For example, Blue Star Realty is unforgivably boring.
  • Real estate company names shouldn’t have an accidental meaning. Consider the unfortunate name Anu’s Plumbing Service. It may be worthwhile to ask a young person to ensure you aren’t accidentally incorporating slang into your company name.
  • Create a positive image. Normally, this would be an essential branding tactic. However, it can be very difficult to generate a great real estate company name that checks off every box and is positive without sounding unprofessional. Depending on your market, however, a name like Good Life Real Estate may be a wonderful and memorable choice.

Bonus Advice for Naming Real Estate Agencies

  • When choosing a logo, remember that color improves brand recognition by up to 80%.
  • When in doubt, go blue. One third of the world’s top 100 brands include the color blue in their logos. For more information, check out this guide to color psychology and marketing.
  • Ensure that your logo and company name appear in the same font and style everywhere. There should be zero discrepancies if you’re serious about building a powerhouse brand.


home buyers and sellers are attracted to catchy real estate business names

Did you know Pepsi was once named Brad’s Drink? Flavorless, right? Or what about that Google was once called Back Rub? Yes, seriously.

Here’s one more…Yahoo! was originally named Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web. It’s a little sad even as a working title.

If nothing else, the above examples should encourage you. If these companies can start out with such a pitiful understanding of what makes for an excellent real estate company name, then the sky is limit. It shouldn’t matter how elementary your understanding of branding techniques is at this stage.

Clearly it’s unreasonable to expect a one-size-fits-all answer to this excellent question. But maybe the better question is, “Under which circumstances should I change my realty company name?” Consider these points:

  • Is your current name working against you?
  • Is your current name particularly ineffective?
  • Do you have a small digital marketing presence?
  • Is your current name relatively unknown?
  • Are you growing slowly?
  • Do you plan to grow much larger?

If you answered Yes to several of the above questions, that’s a good indicator that a real estate company name change could be a worthwhile decision. However, please take special note that a name change is not a one-stop solution to saving a dying company.

Online Resources

There are many sites that can help you brainstorm creative and catchy real estate business names. Check out these excellent resources for brainstorming phases:

  • First, Visual Thesaurus creates a visual diagram of synonyms.
  • Shopify Business Name Generator generates business name ideas and checks domain availability simultaneously.
  • Related Words is an excellent step beyond the thesaurus and provides a wide selection of words with similar associations.
  • Check out this excellent survey template for real estate company names once you’re finished with brainstorming potential real estate company names.
  • Or use these amazing worksheets for naming your realty company. For example, there is a naming criteria evaluation sheet.
  • Also, if you’d like to design your own questionnaires, Pop Survey and Survey Monkey are two free websites.  You can also create your own professional online surveys.
  • Looka is another name generator for startup businesses.
  • Also, Naminum is a final option with a twist. You can search based on different themes.
  • Finally, check out these best LLC services to handle the endless paperwork. 


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  1. Joe Manausa

    Ben, this is good work, well presented, and will kick butt on real estate company names for SEO. But I disagree (generally speaking) about picking a company name.

    99% of the companies in the US are less than 30 people, so case studies including Pepsi Cola and other big brands are not relevant. If the goal of picking a company name is the hope that the name will brand well and eventually generate business, there is a “best choice” for each company.

    It’s been my experience that consumers (both Sellers and Buyers) are seeking a real estate agent, not a real estate company. Thus, money spent marketing a company brand is lost for generating Buyers and Sellers, even among the franchises (without digressing, the franchises do not advertise for buyers and sellers, rather they are putting up a smoke screen in order to WOW agents for recruiting).

    So if you are a small company, say 3 to 30 agents/employees, then from a marketing standpoint you are 3 to 30 different “companies within a company,” with each agent marketing their own individual brand, and the actual company not having much value in the market. But there is a way to create value …

    Choose a company name that will build value for everyone over time. The brand that the consumer is seeking is an agent, so make the brand an agents name. My company, Joe Manausa Real Estate, has just over 23 licensees and we do not market individually, but collectively, under the company name. Thus, our company name, advertised as an “agent,” gets significantly more exposure in Tallahassee than all the individual agents doing their own thing.

    Just my two cents worth …

    1. Robert Newman


      I am so grateful you took a moment to share your thoughts. My audience won’t know this and you didn’t mention it but Joe is one of the few GREAT Inbound Marketers in real estate. His company “Manausa Real Estate” does about 10% of the transactions in his hyper-local market which is Tallahassee FL. Joe has been producing focused and useful content related to his marketplace for years and as a result, is successfully competing for positioning within the search engines against companies like Zillow and Realtor.com. So when he drops by and offers an opinion it has the added weight of success and experience not ONLY as a real estate business person but an Inbound Marketer as well.

      Thanks for the insights Joe.

  2. Shaurya Jain

    Great post! Thanks for sharing such an informative article. The company name plays a vital role while branding the business. The unique and eye-catching name gives a special feeling among customers toward the product and they can remember it easily for a long while.

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